On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

We did our annual deer hunt.  Don’t worry – it wasn’t a real deer hunt – but a hunt for those crazy prelit deer on people’s lawns.  This is a tradition Matt and I have – I think it might be our 4th year out.  Last year – we hit 101 in an hour – tonight 108!  I guess Alex was our good luck charm 🙂  (It’s also a fun thing to do right before bed time – since the little ones can usually fall asleep pretty easily in the car)

So this is what we do:

  • We drive around and count all the prelit deer each deer – 1 point
  • Each prelit polar bear or animated deer – 2 points
  • Each prelit large moose or prelit funky duck – 3 points (we saw 2 moose and 1 duck)

Next year we have a new rule – if the deer is only half lit – then they are worth only half a point.  Get your deer fully lit people!

Wish we saw this herd – but I “borrowed” it online.

11 responses

    • Oh yes – you need limits – otherwise all those prelit snowmen would be mixed in there – and the cut out deer lit by spotlights – you need to have rules.

  1. This is outstanding. I think we may have to adopt some variation of this game in our household.

    I’m really looking forward to the annual viewing of “Christmas Vacation” with my family in a couple of days.

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