On the fifth day of Christmas…

my true love gave to me… a tacky holiday sweater!  No – Matt didn’t – but I know we all have received those gifts.  The gaudy holiday sweater, the bright purple jeans, the lime green hat… You know – the gift that does not keep giving the whole year through. 

My Great Aunt Ruby gave gifts like that.  Growing up, each year we looked forward to her Christmas package arriving – and we would always open it up as soon as it arrived – just to see what she was able to come up with that year.  The one gift I really remember was a bright orange sweatshirt with a puffy white persian cat on the front.  It was never worn.  She also once sent a multicoloured (pastel) crocheted throw.  At the time, it was just put away into my hope chest – but now I use it.  It means so much more to me now that she is gone (it is Alex’s new fort blanket).  I know it is the thought that counts, but…

Do you have a bad gift story to share?  Either way – here are 9 Tacky Holiday Sweaters We Can’t Help But Love.

9 responses

  1. I think I’ve been pretty lucky in this regard, but Fun topic! I do remember one year my dad giving me this horrible mauve-colored embroidered sweatshirt that had butterflies on it. I tried to be nice about it, though, because it was the first year after my parents divorced, and therefore I think it was the first time he ever really had to go out and buy things for his teenage daughter (and it wasn’t his cup of tea)!

  2. I think I’ve been really lucky in this regard as well. Of course, I’m also a very obvious hint giver. (As in I may have been known to leave catalogs on pillows with pages marked and items circled….) Fun stuff!

  3. My mother in law always gets my sister in law great, trendy shirts and sweaters for Christmas, while I get fuddy-duddy sweaters. She thinks that because I am a teacher, I need “teacher” sweaters – blah! After three years of horrible sweaters, my hubby finally told her to stop buying them!

  4. great post!

    hmmm, i remember my grandma giving my sister and i sweatshirts with winter scenes appliqued on them. i’m sure i never wore any of mine, but my sister was a lot older and more polite, so would wear them just when my grandma visited :).

  5. My mother in law always buys me clothes that would have fit me when I was 14. I know it’s a compliment that she thinks I’m a size 2, but the reality of always returning too small clothes and pjs is pretty depressing!

  6. My grandmother (who is actually quite rich) would give us presents that she got for free. Like one year she wrapped up and gave me the free slippers she got on a cruise. Nice, eh? The woman is crazy, what can I say.

  7. My personal favorite is the 3d one (i think) vest with gifts at the bottom. With REAL bows!

    One year my nana gave us each an ‘outfit’. Oh Lord. My parents, brother and I were almost peeing ourselves trying not to laugh. It was as though the 70s (the BAD 70s) had snuck up and taken hold of her.

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