On the Second Day of Christmas

The giving of gifts is always something that is associated with Christmas.  Of course we always buy for our family and for our close friends, but Matt and I try to also try to give something each year to a charity or cause that we believe in.  We have given toys to “Toy Mountain” so local boys and girls will have something to open up Christmas morning.  Each year we also donate food to the food banks for families in need.  And we have bought gifts through World Vision to help people around the world.  For instance two years ago, I gave Matt supplies for a classroom (appropriate for a teacher I thought).  These are all small things – but hopefully make a big difference in someone’s life. 

This year, we are supporting Simple Dreams.  Simple Dreams-To Russia With Love is something a wonderful couple from Stratford do.  Each year, Ruth and Richard Kneider travel with a team of volunteers to Russian orphanages and provide the children with a McDonald’s meal, a party, and a gift.  In January 2009, they gave this wonderful gift to 3,000 Russian children!  By donating $10, you can provide one child with this opportunity.  So we are going to support these local heros so that children half a world away will have a real reason to smile this coming year.  Last year I bought a pin in support of this program, and put it back on my jacket today (so yes, you can wish me a Merry Christmas! )

There are so many worth while projects out there that need support – how do you choose?!  By the end of the year, I’d like to support the Children’s Bridge Foundation, and I’d  like to make a microloan to someone in the Kiva system.  What are you doing this holiday season, however small, to make a difference in someone’s life?

(Tomorrow’s blog will hoepfully have  a video in it!)