Over the weekend Alex had his first official visit with Santa.  This was actually really quite neat.  The City Centre Committee had Santa in his sleigh with a reindeer downtown for kids to come and visit.   So off we went.

Here’s Vixen

And here is Alex and Santa!  Alex really didn’t know what was going on.  I’m just glad he didn’t cry or was scared. 

Have you taken your child to meet Santa yet?  What was their reaction? We are going to attempt the mall this week…  Wish us luck!

13 responses

  1. now that is cute! he does look a little worried! we are trying out the mall santa this week hopefully!

    the reindeer is so cute! what a great place to take the kids!

  2. Alex’s expression is great in that pic. So cool that they had Santa’s reindeer there too! I was going to try to head to the mall tomorrow for X to meet Santa. That is if the blizzard holds off.

  3. awww!! love his expression! i am not taking the kids this year. kaneu has strongly disliked seeing santa in years past and has already told me he does not want to go visit him so i am not going to push it. i have a feeling ruby would be fine sitting in his lap so perhaps i will take her??

  4. Adam was and still is terrified of any Santa that he sees, even figurines. I have no idea why as he didn’t mind Santa last year. Good luck at the mall tomorrow!

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