Wanna Win a Wii?

Through the blogging community, I have met some amazing people.  One such person is Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is the wonderful mommy of Olive, a crafter, a TurboKick instructor, and she runs a  non-profit animal welfare organization called Tenth Life that provides another chance at life to injured and abused stray cats (phew – I’m tired just thinking about her life!).  Now Elizabeth is needing some help raising funds for Tenth Life to help save more kitties.  If you make a donation to Tenth Life before December 16, you have a chance to Win a Wii!  Each donation of $5 gives you one chance at winning, a donation of $10, gives you 3 chances.  How cool is that! 
Now I know this year has been extra hard on a lot of families, and it is hard to make money stretch every where you want it to go.  But this is something small you can do that will go a long way.  

And another thank you to the Catherine, who donated the Wii!  You rock!

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