Sick… and sick of it.  Seriously – can’t we get a break?  Alex has been sick since Tuesday (fever, runny nose, cough etc) and on Friday I thought he was much better so I sent him to the sitter.  But by 3pm, we got a call that his fever was back and we needed to pick him up.  So when I got home this is what I found:

This is rare becuase 1. Alex has only fallen asleep like this once 2. it was 5pm and he had already had an afternoon nap. 

Saturday and Sunday were much better days thank goodness.  Today especially – Alex was back to himself with the occasional cough and runny nose.  He was eating much more and in better spirits.  I however… now have a very sore throat and feel like I need to go to bed.  I am doing my holiday shopping tomorrow – so I better feel much different in the morning!