Where has time gone?

Time has been whizzing by – and not in a good way.  I seriously have no idea where November went.  I’ve been off work sick on and off now for a month.  All I can say is that the H1N1 flu is evil.   It is lingering and lingering.  Now I’m having troubles breathing and my ribs are super sore still.  I discovered though that I did not actually crack my ribs as I thought – I strained the cartridge or something like that.  Either way, I still cannot lie down, yawn, or cough pain free.   

Now my little man is sick – but I think it is just a bad cold.  Yesterday Alex was supposed to have his 18 month shots, but the sitter told us when we picked him up that he had been coughing a lot, so the dr held off on the shots.  And thank goodness because Alex woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. That was his first official fever with us and man does that suck.  You feel so helpless! Tylenol, cold cloth, water, and tonnes of cuddles.  Today I stayed home with him and hopefully Alex will sleep through the night and be able to go to Megan’s tomorrow. 

And then I look at the calendar – today is the 25th!  One month to Christmas! Last year this time I was all done my shopping – or pretty close to it.  This year… I have a few presents bought (a Tonka truck for Alex and a Little People Farm, and a few other odds and ends) – but otherwise I have a list of who to buy for.  That’s it.  I want to arrange for professional photos to give as gifts, send out holiday cards (perhaps I will  just put in Alex’s b-day thank you’s in as well), and and and…

I guess this is life as a working mother!  You never have enough time, and you never know what is around the bend.  I know I’m complaining – but we have to do that sometimes.  And as I keep stressing so certain friends, I need to remember my new motto “Keep Calm and Carry On”