18 months and 20 days old

It has been pretty hectic around here.  I honestly do not know where the last month has gone.  I’m blaming that on being sick the past 4 weeks (which is still ongoing – grrr!!!).  The last few days have been very busy too – Stone Temple Pilots concert, the craft show I participated in, New Moon movie with the girls, work (I had to go home after 4 hours because I couldn’t breathe), and Matt’s Mom’s birthday today.  Very busy.  And the doctor says I need to rest… maybe this coming week I’ll find a few hours to do that.

I was thinking today that it has been a long time since I’ve done an Alex update – I really don’t know where to start since each day things change.  I think I’ll break it down into categories:

Food & Drink
Alex is still eating like as well as always – and it is still a very messy endeavour.    He is pretty good at getting his bites into his mouth using a spoon or a fork and doesn’t make that much of a mess on his face – it is more because Alex likes to throw the food he doesn’t want on the floor – thank goodness for Mason!  We feed him pretty much what we are eating – unless it is too spicy.  Alex now LOVES clementines and berries of all sorts.  The one thing Alex doesn’t care for that much is sandwiches.  I hope that changes.
Alex does stil have a bottle in the morning when he wakes up and one after dinner.  I’ve tried to switch to a sippy cup, but for now Alex isn’t ready.  As long as he is done by he is 2 years old I’ll be good.  Throughout the day Alex drinks mainly water from his sippy cup, sometimes milk at dinner in his cup.

For the most part, Alex is still a wonderful sleeper.   He sleeps from 7:30 – 7:00 most nights – with the occasional earlier or later wakeup.  Alex does have napping issues though.  At the sitters we are lucky if he gets 1 hour of sleep – not because she isn’t trying – I think he is just too interested in what the other children are doing.  We are going to try to take over a humidifier for the room he is napping in to see if that helps (we have one going in his room at home).  Although on Friday he napped there for 2 hours…  It really is frustrating because he brings those habits home – for instance on Saturday he didn’t want to sleep more than 40 min!  But eventually I got him down for another 2 hours.  Another thing is that for some reason sometimes when he wakes up he is quite upset and it can take up to 30 min to calm him down.  I’m not sure if he isn’t quite ready to be woken up, if something is sore, or what, but it can be quite upsetting.

I don’t know for sure what Alex weighs – I though the scale was reading 30lbs, but I think it was off and he closer to 27lbs.  He goes to the dr’s on Tuesday for this 18 month shots so we will find out for sure then.  All I know is that he feels heavier and larger every day!

They are all though!  Except for his 2 year molars.  I hope they take their time…

Alex can make just about any sound out there – but not many words. You can tell they are on the verge of his tongue, but they just haven’t popped out yet.  Alex points or pulls on my arm for me to follow him in order to tell me what he wants and for the most part I can tell what he is after.  Other times though – very frustrating!  

Alex can be quite funny.  He loves to giggle, he loves to dance to his musical Christmas tree, he loves to ride his trike.   He is also very serious.  It can be hard to take a picture of him because he will look away from the camera as soon as you want him to look.  He is VERY fast – running everywhere, trying to climb up on all the furniture.  He also still loves to chew on tissues (clean of course) – I don’t know why.  He is also very attached to his puppy.  If puppy can’t be found… watch out. 

See – isn’t he silly?  Alex pulled out his old bathtub this morning, put his Winnie the Pooh in it, grabbed a book and had a read.