Finalization – 3 months and waiting…

It has been officially over 3 months since we started the finalization process of Alex’s adoption.  We unfortunately are still waiting.  A month ago, we sent all of our signed documents to our agencies lawyer, expecting to hear soon about a court date for finalization.  Instead this week we got a call that it is taking months to get appointments for adoption court appearances, which would mean that we potentially would not finalize by the end of 2009.  So instead we decided to simply have the paperwork signed by a judge and have them mailed to us rather than a court appearance.  We will hopefully get things finalized by the end of November this way. 

The other hang up dealt with the city that Alex was born in.  On some of his documentation the birth city is spelt as Busan, which is correct, but on other documents it is Pusan (the way Busan is pronounced).  And the court papers were under Pusan, but his Permanent Resident paperwork is Busan.  So we had to get that cleared up otherwise we would have had a big problem come Citizenship time.   

Anyhow – all figured out now and our paperwork is REALLY now in the mail to be finalized!!

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  1. That is good to hear. I hope the rest of the process is quick. We’re now waiting for Adam’s citizenship to come through and have been waiting over a month. The paperwork never seems to end!

  2. Ugh…this sounds really frustrating. I hope by skipping the court appearance you are able to finalize this year. This stuff is IMPORTANT and hard when it drags on & on.

  3. I hope your finalization comes soon. That is disappointing about the long wait times to have it completed in court. You are almost at the end of the paperwork trail! Of course, it will all begin again when you start the process for #2. 🙂

  4. That’s crazy about the Busan/Pusan thing. We haven’t heard anything like that. Crazy to hear that they can’t make time for one 10-min adoption hearing. Ridiculous. Must be the same thing in our area, though, since we don’t go till December 18th! If they weren’t going to give us a date in 2009, I would have just had a judge sign it & mail the forms to us too…that way you can at least claim the adoption expenses in 2009.

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