Happy Birthday to me…

Yep – today is my birthday.  Matt is doing his best to make it a good one – I just wish I could have my annual glass of champagne – maybe next week.  I’m 33.  I don’t know what I think about that number.  But really – it is just a number right?  It is my final year of being in my early 30’s… next year I’ll be in my mid 30’s… I think I will start counting backwards.

But you know what is really special about today?  Today Alex has been with us long than he as been without us.  He has been with us 9 months and 1 day and he came to us at 9 months and 1 day old – but that was in Korean time.   For those in adoptive families, you understand the significance of this day.  I can’t imagine our world without him.


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  1. Happy birthday Krista!! That is a special day for your family too. Ours was Sept 9th, since Daniel came to us when he was 8 months & 4 days old. Happy 18 mos. to Alex this week! Half birthdays are exciting 🙂 Tomorrow D is 18 mos! They’re growing too fast! Hope you’re feeling a bit better.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope that you wished to be healthy on that candle! 🙂

    I so get what you mean. Tomorrow we celebrate that Spencer has been with us longer than he’s been with anyone else. (Not longer with us than without… we’re still getting there!)

    Oh – and what’s wrong with being 34?! 😉

  3. Happy, Happy birthday! It must be such a wonderful feeling to know your little boy has been with you longer than he has without. Congratulations! And that cake looks good.

  4. That was a doubly-special day for you. Congrats on both. (And I just turned 34 – so I know what you mean about 33 being the end of the early 30s. I am now firmly in the mid-30s. Ugh.)

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