Still Sick

So I’m still sick.  I really thought I was turning a corner over the weekend, I even went to work yesterday morning, but by noon I was dizzy and needed to rest.  Today I was worse again, so I went to the dr’s.  I have had a fever for almost a week so that was enough to be seen (finally). 

I have the flu (surprise surprise), but no confirmation on whether or not it was h1n1.  I also have a secondary lower respiratory infection (aka pneumonia) on my left hand side.  I’ve been prescribed antibiotics, a puffer, and codeine (for the cough).  Of course, this afternoon while I was waiting for my prescription to be dropped off, my fever spiked from 38.3 to over 39 (102).  I’m so thankful my mom was able to get off work early, pick up Alex and take care of him.  I really cannot function on my own.  The interesting thing is that the Dr said when I”m feeling better to go get the seasonal flu shot – he didn’t say anything about the h1n1 shot.  He asked me if I have ever felt so sick – I said no – he said – yep – it’s the flu.  I’m not to go back to work until I’m 100%, let’s hope I can resume duties as normal by Monday!

This week really was supposed to be full of happy celebrations:
Monday – Alex turned 18 months old
Tuesday – Alex has been with us 9 months
Wednesday (well, you will see tomorrow)
Thursday – Alex has been in Canada 9 months
Friday – The first Christmas Open House of the season!
Weekend – Go away for a family get away

So, while there is still reason to celebrate, I just have no energy to do so.  I really doubt we will go away this weekend which is a HUGE let down.  Oh well – my health needs to come first.

Thank you for letting me vent a bit, being this sick is very frustrating!   I need to go rest some more…

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  1. Get better soon! That’s really awful that you are too sick to enjoy everything you want to celebrate this week. Being sick sucks. Being sick with a child sucks worse.

  2. Oh dear…I sure hope you are feeling better soon. The flu. = icky. I hope your temp stays down. I hate being sick…but I suppose everyone does…so that comment is probably just silly. I’m glad you have family nearby to help with Alex. Take care of yourself!


    I hope you feel better for it! At least a little… I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well still. 😦 The only flu we have here is H1N1 – doh! (Not that we have it, but it’s the only one circulating) And S keeps getting sick right when he is supposed to get his shot… so annoying!

    Now go get some rest!

  4. You can vent as much as you want, being sick is the worst – especially with a little one. I hope you feel better soon and still get to have some of those celebrations (even if they are bit late).

  5. Ugh! That’s terrible! I bet you are soooo over being sick at this point. I hope those antibiotics work fast. It’s not fair this is happening during your celebratory week. You need a do-over! And I know what tomorrow is, too – from FB! 🙂

  6. Oh Krista – That sounds absolutely awful. I remember being sick when we got home from Korea, and I just didn’t know how I would take care of Daniel. I could hardly get myself out of bed. That was so tough, so I can only imagine what you’re going through. Take care of yourself and let people help you as much as possible (which it sounds like you’re doing).

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