Sick… and sick of it.  Seriously – can’t we get a break?  Alex has been sick since Tuesday (fever, runny nose, cough etc) and on Friday I thought he was much better so I sent him to the sitter.  But by 3pm, we got a call that his fever was back and we needed to pick him up.  So when I got home this is what I found:

This is rare becuase 1. Alex has only fallen asleep like this once 2. it was 5pm and he had already had an afternoon nap. 

Saturday and Sunday were much better days thank goodness.  Today especially – Alex was back to himself with the occasional cough and runny nose.  He was eating much more and in better spirits.  I however… now have a very sore throat and feel like I need to go to bed.  I am doing my holiday shopping tomorrow – so I better feel much different in the morning!

Where has time gone?

Time has been whizzing by – and not in a good way.  I seriously have no idea where November went.  I’ve been off work sick on and off now for a month.  All I can say is that the H1N1 flu is evil.   It is lingering and lingering.  Now I’m having troubles breathing and my ribs are super sore still.  I discovered though that I did not actually crack my ribs as I thought – I strained the cartridge or something like that.  Either way, I still cannot lie down, yawn, or cough pain free.   

Now my little man is sick – but I think it is just a bad cold.  Yesterday Alex was supposed to have his 18 month shots, but the sitter told us when we picked him up that he had been coughing a lot, so the dr held off on the shots.  And thank goodness because Alex woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. That was his first official fever with us and man does that suck.  You feel so helpless! Tylenol, cold cloth, water, and tonnes of cuddles.  Today I stayed home with him and hopefully Alex will sleep through the night and be able to go to Megan’s tomorrow. 

And then I look at the calendar – today is the 25th!  One month to Christmas! Last year this time I was all done my shopping – or pretty close to it.  This year… I have a few presents bought (a Tonka truck for Alex and a Little People Farm, and a few other odds and ends) – but otherwise I have a list of who to buy for.  That’s it.  I want to arrange for professional photos to give as gifts, send out holiday cards (perhaps I will  just put in Alex’s b-day thank you’s in as well), and and and…

I guess this is life as a working mother!  You never have enough time, and you never know what is around the bend.  I know I’m complaining – but we have to do that sometimes.  And as I keep stressing so certain friends, I need to remember my new motto “Keep Calm and Carry On”

18 months and 20 days old

It has been pretty hectic around here.  I honestly do not know where the last month has gone.  I’m blaming that on being sick the past 4 weeks (which is still ongoing – grrr!!!).  The last few days have been very busy too – Stone Temple Pilots concert, the craft show I participated in, New Moon movie with the girls, work (I had to go home after 4 hours because I couldn’t breathe), and Matt’s Mom’s birthday today.  Very busy.  And the doctor says I need to rest… maybe this coming week I’ll find a few hours to do that.

I was thinking today that it has been a long time since I’ve done an Alex update – I really don’t know where to start since each day things change.  I think I’ll break it down into categories:

Food & Drink
Alex is still eating like as well as always – and it is still a very messy endeavour.    He is pretty good at getting his bites into his mouth using a spoon or a fork and doesn’t make that much of a mess on his face – it is more because Alex likes to throw the food he doesn’t want on the floor – thank goodness for Mason!  We feed him pretty much what we are eating – unless it is too spicy.  Alex now LOVES clementines and berries of all sorts.  The one thing Alex doesn’t care for that much is sandwiches.  I hope that changes.
Alex does stil have a bottle in the morning when he wakes up and one after dinner.  I’ve tried to switch to a sippy cup, but for now Alex isn’t ready.  As long as he is done by he is 2 years old I’ll be good.  Throughout the day Alex drinks mainly water from his sippy cup, sometimes milk at dinner in his cup.

For the most part, Alex is still a wonderful sleeper.   He sleeps from 7:30 – 7:00 most nights – with the occasional earlier or later wakeup.  Alex does have napping issues though.  At the sitters we are lucky if he gets 1 hour of sleep – not because she isn’t trying – I think he is just too interested in what the other children are doing.  We are going to try to take over a humidifier for the room he is napping in to see if that helps (we have one going in his room at home).  Although on Friday he napped there for 2 hours…  It really is frustrating because he brings those habits home – for instance on Saturday he didn’t want to sleep more than 40 min!  But eventually I got him down for another 2 hours.  Another thing is that for some reason sometimes when he wakes up he is quite upset and it can take up to 30 min to calm him down.  I’m not sure if he isn’t quite ready to be woken up, if something is sore, or what, but it can be quite upsetting.

I don’t know for sure what Alex weighs – I though the scale was reading 30lbs, but I think it was off and he closer to 27lbs.  He goes to the dr’s on Tuesday for this 18 month shots so we will find out for sure then.  All I know is that he feels heavier and larger every day!

They are all though!  Except for his 2 year molars.  I hope they take their time…

Alex can make just about any sound out there – but not many words. You can tell they are on the verge of his tongue, but they just haven’t popped out yet.  Alex points or pulls on my arm for me to follow him in order to tell me what he wants and for the most part I can tell what he is after.  Other times though – very frustrating!  

Alex can be quite funny.  He loves to giggle, he loves to dance to his musical Christmas tree, he loves to ride his trike.   He is also very serious.  It can be hard to take a picture of him because he will look away from the camera as soon as you want him to look.  He is VERY fast – running everywhere, trying to climb up on all the furniture.  He also still loves to chew on tissues (clean of course) – I don’t know why.  He is also very attached to his puppy.  If puppy can’t be found… watch out. 

See – isn’t he silly?  Alex pulled out his old bathtub this morning, put his Winnie the Pooh in it, grabbed a book and had a read.

Seoul Brothers Get Together #3

On Saturday we travelled to Grimsby to meet up with the three other families that we have gotten to know who have adopted from South Korea.   We went to Barbara and Andy’s place, they are the parents of Daniel, and also there were Belinda and Steve, parents of Adam and the brand new baby Benjamin, and Karen and Kevin, parents of Lucas.  The four of us all brought home our boys within 4 months of one another.  We had a lot of fun – as always!  It is so cool being able to see the boys grow. The first time they were just all trying to walk.  The second time they were walking, but not quite talking or running.  Now they are all over the place!  There are so many similarities between the boys.  All of the boys are on the verge of talking – but still lots of grunting and pointing going on.  They all throw their food (which made me feel a lot better!).  And the parents are just worn right out (in a very good way).  It was also really exciting to meet Benjamin – the newest addition to Belinda and Steve’s family.  Ben arrived just 3 weeks ago and I was lucky enough to hold him for a little while.  He is so small!

I unfortunately forgot my camera (and Alex’s shoes) in the rush out the door – but I “borrowed” some pics from the other parents.  Enjoy!


Checking out Daniel's Truck

Mmmm... Cheesecake

Lucas, Alex, Adam and Daniel

And… Alex slept in until 9am the next morning!! Woo Hoo!!  Guess the boys wore him out!  (either that or he was tired from being up from 12 – 2am on hours Friday night)…

Now that was FAST!

At 9:17am we got an awesome phone call.  It was a call from the local court house to let us know that this morning Alex’s adoption papers were signed!!!  The papers were just sent to them on Friday!  So Alex is now officially Alexander Matthew Kaeul Robinson.  Please join me in a happy dance to “We Are Family” a la Sister Sledge…

I wish we had a nice recent family photo to share, but with me being so sick (yes, still off work), and Matt’s Grandmother passed away on the weekend, we just haven’t had the opportunity.  But I do have a cute daddy and son shot that will do for today.

Daddy & Son


Finalization – 3 months and waiting…

It has been officially over 3 months since we started the finalization process of Alex’s adoption.  We unfortunately are still waiting.  A month ago, we sent all of our signed documents to our agencies lawyer, expecting to hear soon about a court date for finalization.  Instead this week we got a call that it is taking months to get appointments for adoption court appearances, which would mean that we potentially would not finalize by the end of 2009.  So instead we decided to simply have the paperwork signed by a judge and have them mailed to us rather than a court appearance.  We will hopefully get things finalized by the end of November this way. 

The other hang up dealt with the city that Alex was born in.  On some of his documentation the birth city is spelt as Busan, which is correct, but on other documents it is Pusan (the way Busan is pronounced).  And the court papers were under Pusan, but his Permanent Resident paperwork is Busan.  So we had to get that cleared up otherwise we would have had a big problem come Citizenship time.   

Anyhow – all figured out now and our paperwork is REALLY now in the mail to be finalized!!

Happy Birthday to me…

Yep – today is my birthday.  Matt is doing his best to make it a good one – I just wish I could have my annual glass of champagne – maybe next week.  I’m 33.  I don’t know what I think about that number.  But really – it is just a number right?  It is my final year of being in my early 30’s… next year I’ll be in my mid 30’s… I think I will start counting backwards.

But you know what is really special about today?  Today Alex has been with us long than he as been without us.  He has been with us 9 months and 1 day and he came to us at 9 months and 1 day old – but that was in Korean time.   For those in adoptive families, you understand the significance of this day.  I can’t imagine our world without him.


Still Sick

So I’m still sick.  I really thought I was turning a corner over the weekend, I even went to work yesterday morning, but by noon I was dizzy and needed to rest.  Today I was worse again, so I went to the dr’s.  I have had a fever for almost a week so that was enough to be seen (finally). 

I have the flu (surprise surprise), but no confirmation on whether or not it was h1n1.  I also have a secondary lower respiratory infection (aka pneumonia) on my left hand side.  I’ve been prescribed antibiotics, a puffer, and codeine (for the cough).  Of course, this afternoon while I was waiting for my prescription to be dropped off, my fever spiked from 38.3 to over 39 (102).  I’m so thankful my mom was able to get off work early, pick up Alex and take care of him.  I really cannot function on my own.  The interesting thing is that the Dr said when I”m feeling better to go get the seasonal flu shot – he didn’t say anything about the h1n1 shot.  He asked me if I have ever felt so sick – I said no – he said – yep – it’s the flu.  I’m not to go back to work until I’m 100%, let’s hope I can resume duties as normal by Monday!

This week really was supposed to be full of happy celebrations:
Monday – Alex turned 18 months old
Tuesday – Alex has been with us 9 months
Wednesday (well, you will see tomorrow)
Thursday – Alex has been in Canada 9 months
Friday – The first Christmas Open House of the season!
Weekend – Go away for a family get away

So, while there is still reason to celebrate, I just have no energy to do so.  I really doubt we will go away this weekend which is a HUGE let down.  Oh well – my health needs to come first.

Thank you for letting me vent a bit, being this sick is very frustrating!   I need to go rest some more…