One Year Ago…

One year ago today, just after 9pm, Matt and I became parents – and to think, we almost didn’t answer the phone. 


This is the first picture we ever saw of our son – and couldn’t stop looking at until we had him in our arms in Seoul.


We never posted our referral pictures last year – we felt they were too personal.  But you have all stuck with us through the past year and now is the perfect opportunity to share.


I really can’t imagine our life without him.  Alex is our everything.

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  1. Yay! What a year! Thanks so much for sharing these photos of young Alex with us, they are precious. I especially love the middle one where he’s smiling wide and you can see his tongue. 🙂 You guys are truly blessed.

  2. We received our phone call after 9pm too. I thought Jeremy was joking when he told me we had a baby boy – I didn’t even hear the phone ring! It’s amazing how quickly they change!

  3. Yahoo!!! Happy one year 🙂
    Thank you for sharing those precious first pictures with us – isn’t it amazing to compare those to him today? They truly do grow up so quickly.
    We’re funny like you b/c we almost didn’t answer our travel call b/c it was so early in the morning and we’re picky about answering the phone. I just think it’s wild how we both nearly missed such important calls!!
    Happy day to you three!

  4. i remember, when we got our first photos of rubin, you sharing with me that you had almost exactly the same pics of alex… with the white teddy bear. now i see them! i love that our boys sat in the same spot, in the same room, probably less than months apart. what a boy!

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