Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend has been the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, and I must admit – even though I have so much to be thankful for this year, I was in a real foul mood.  I didn’t sleep well, Alex is sick, had to work Saturday, and then prepare a dinner for my family on Sunday – oh yeah – and it was raining.  It should have been fun, but I was just moody. 

However, at dinner when I looked at this little guy, I remembered what I’m so thankful for. Alex 031

A special congratulations to Barb and Andy too – they celebrated becoming parents one year ago when they received their referral for a beautiful baby boy – Daniel.  What a wonderful Thanksgiving for them!

Oh yeah, did you know that there are only 73 days to Christmas?

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    • I was wondering if people would read my whole post and see the xmas part! It is crazy to think that last year I had almost all my gifts done by now!

  1. Alex looks like such a “big boy” enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner. Sorry it wasn’t too fun for you…you certainly had a lot on your plate (and I’m not talking TURKEY!).

    Christmas? Haven’t even thought about it (until I saw ornaments in a gift shop on Sunday)…I’m focused on planning D’s Tol…which will be in Nov.

  2. He looks so much older in this photo! Maybe it’s the hair? He does have quite a bit of it!
    Damn you and your Xmas reference. Although I’m proud to admit that, although I haven’t actually started shopping, I’ve picked out quite a things and bookmarked them for family gifts. So I guess I’ve technically started!

  3. I was totally thinking about Christmas this past weekend too…I think I’m a little more excited about it this year, since we have Daniel. One year from your referral is coming up too! Then it will be one year since we met you at AdopTalk! What a year!

  4. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

    You are crazy with that Christmas talk! Wasn’t it you that was already talking about Christmas a couple months ago? Before Christmas, I have to think about my mom’s birthday, our anniversary, Halloween, U.S. Thanksgiving, B’s birthday, Grampy’s birthday, D’s birthday, Chanukah (B’s Jewish) then FINALLY Christmas!

  5. Michelle- I think you’re right– that booster seat is uber popular. I think it’s the best one out there since it’s so easy to clean.
    Krista– way too soon for Christmas talk! I can’t believe you had all your shopping done by this time last year?!! Ahhhh!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Alex is adorable — sucking the food off his finger I can only assume?

    Nice reminder about Christmas…what do you think Alex will excited to see under the tree? We are considering a train set — we’re nothing if not original!

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