Handle With Care

I (finally) just finished Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult.  What a great book.  As I seem to discover with pretty much every book I read or listen to recently – this book touched on adoption.  There is a character in the book who was adopted domestically and is searching for her birth mother.  I wanted to share a paragraph about what her character thinks adoption feels like.  I think it is kinda nice, and hope this feeling is true – but not being an adoptee, I of course really don’t know.

“Being adopted felt like reading a book that had the first chapter ripped out.  You might be enjoying the plot and the characters, but you’d probably also like to read that first line, too.  However, when you took the book back to the store to say that the first chapter was missing, they told you they couldn’t sell you a replacement copy that was intact.  What if you read that first chapter and realized you hated the book, and posted a nasty review on Amazon?  What if you hurt the author’s feelings?  Better just to stick with your partial copy and enjoy the rest of the story.”

That same character at the end says:

“Parents aren’t the people you come from.  They’re the people you want to be when you grow up.” 

The book was even more moving for me since I have a close friend who had to make a very difficult decision this summer to terminate a late term pregnancy.  Reading this book at times made me cry for her – and “understand” a bit more of the pain that she is going through.

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  1. Interesting thoughts. It has sort of amazed me lately to see so many references to adoption in books, movies, TV, etc. Have they been there all along and I just wasn’t paying attention? Or is adoption becoming more of a part of mainstream media?

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