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I need some ideas.  We were supposed to go on vacation in early November to Chicago, but when we discovered how difficult it was going to be to arrange to get Alex across the border, we decided that we would hold off until next year (we are still on for next year right?? – you know who you are).  Anyhow – since I’m pretty disappointed in the fall through of our trip, I’m looking for other fun ideas to do in Ontario.  So, if anyone has gone some where really fun that a 18 month old would also enjoy, can you let me know?

I’ve been thinking about Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, the Toronto Zoo and stay over, a trip to Korea town and the ROM  in Toronto.  Any other ideas would be really appreciated!

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  1. Been to all 3 indoor water parks in Niagara- americana is the smallest and most inexpensive, yet still a great place for young kids- even Janna and Caiden’s age. Friends stayed there recently and enjoyed it- has a wave pool, some adult slides, a toddler area with toys and toddler water slides- he’d be perfect there. Next in line is fallsview which is a bit bigger and a bit pricier, but still more than enough and way less massive than great wolfe lodge- which is hugely expensive and way more than alex requires- not like you guys will get too much adult time to do some of their bigger options anyways.

    Just my opinion

  2. Sorry to hear your trip is postponed. Hope you find fun stuff to do in Ontario with Alex.

    We’re only an hour from Chicago. If you do go to the Korean Festival we’d love to meet you. We went this year and had a great time.

  3. Hey Krista,
    I agree with Melinda. I’d wait until he’s older to go to Great Wolf Lodge. For now he’d be content with Mommy & Daddy time, a pool to splash in and some fun things to look at. The Toronto Zoo is a great idea, and there are some hotels that have good package deals. We stayed at the Best Western on Markham Road and it was great. Continental breakfast, tickets to the zoo, a pool….what more could you ask for? The Science Centre in Toronto is fun too. Lots of hands on stuff for a toddler to do, and adults have fun there too.

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