Another Step Forward… and this and that

Yesterday we received a copy of the court documents from our agencies lawyer’s office to review before they send them to the courts – and beside the fact that Matt’s birth year was 1906 instead of 1976, everything looked perfect.  Monday they are sending us originals that we need to sign and then they go to the courts to have the adoption finalized!!

I’ve felt like such a bad blogger – I’ve been so busy – work, being a mommy, being a wife – I know – I’ve mentioned it before.  But after working on a computer all day long, I find it hard to want to sit in front of one again once I get home.   So until I get into the real groove of everything, I unfortunately won’t be posting as often – but I will still try to comment on my favourite blogs.   Please forgive me!

On the Alex front, I think he had a major growth spurt this week.  Sunday his shoes fit.  Monday and Tuesday his shoes were snug.  Wednesday they did not fit at all.  Even his cute little crocs.  He is also feeling so much heavier (my biceps are seriously getting huge!).  So today I went shopping with a friend and got him some new runners, 2 pairs of new jeans and a cute shirt.  I wanted to get him a halloween costume, but the one I wanted just didn’t seem warm enough for going out to the neighbours (we usually have had snow at least once before Halloween – so you never know what is in store!) 

He is also still continuing not to nap at the sitters.  On Tuesday it was so bad that he fell asleep in his highchair for the first time!  We thought it was so funny we took video and pics.  Here’s the video – we obviously need to work on our cinematography…

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  1. Oh, that is so adorable! Adam does that a lot, but never Daniel. What size shoes is Alex wearing these days? Daniel is in size 6. Last weekend, we had to sort through a lot of Daniel’s 12-18 month pants, because they’re getting too short! Now we’ve brought out the 18-24 month stuff…of course it’s still a bit big, but yikes!! He’s growing too fast!

  2. Oh poor Alex! I love how’s he looking at you guys like “Hey, I’m trying to sleep here” Too funny. (Sorry Alex, but it IS funny…)

    Oh, I wish we would have a bit of a growth spurt here… we still fit into the clothes we bought in May for him for the most part!

    And as for the costume… could you do thermals under it? I’m planning to do thermals and a fleece vest under Spencer’s costume. I’ll probably also put him in warm socks and boots. But his costume has a bit of room in it. So maybe I don’t want that growth spurt quite yet!

  3. Congrats on getting closer to finalzing Alex’s adoption! I can’t believe the growth spurt he had, wow! Does he have growing pains?

    And that video is so CUTE! Such a sleepy kiddo.

    • Thanks Kristin! No growing pains that I know of… but that might explain the crying at 6am each day… or the numerous molars coming in right now might be the culprit!

  4. That is great that the adoption is almost finalized. Yes!! We have just started all there is to do to finalize. A lot of work & time…for sure.

    The video is pretty cute…poor, sleepy little guy.

    No worries about not blogging so much. It can be a lot to keep up with, along with everything else. I know when I go back to work I won’t have as much time. Right now I do it when our little guy is napping.

  5. Ha ha! Cute video! I was laughing at the two of you trying to stifle your giggles while he was nodding off.

    I have the opposite problem with Halloween costumes. It is usually so warm in Phoenix during Halloween… I can’t find a costume that won’t be too hot for him. They’re all flannel and fleece with long sleeves and pants.

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