New Toy

On Sunday we decided Alex “needed”  a new toy.  So we headed down to the W*llm*rt in K-W and bought Alex his first real car.   I tried to take an action shot – but the car is just too darn fast!


But of course, what is his favourite part of his new car?  The box.


10 responses

  1. Of course. Always the box. We were thinking of getting Olive a “Cozy Coupe,” which is a plastic car that kids power using their feet (not pedals). I like that yours has a handle. At least for Alex’s age. I don’t think O would tolerate us steering her… 🙂

  2. Elizabeth took the words out of my mouth – of course he went for the box! An empty box is what kept Poppy occupied for most of the winter last year, and then in the spring we busted out that same car (but in pink) and she still loves it!

  3. We have 2 boxes in our family room right now (not as big as Alex’s…we’ll need to work on that). They are from 2 toys given to Baby D. I swear he loves the boxes as much or even more than the toys. Double the fun.

    CUTE photos of Alex…as always. So cute!

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