On my bookshelf

I really hope you don’t mind me sharing what I’m reading – but I LOVE to read!

Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult
Can you imagine? Your child having brittle bone disease?  Every move that they make could turn into a trip to the Emergency Room.  Takes a very strong person…


The Calligrapher’s Daughter by Eugenia Kim
I haven’t started this one yet – but it is a coming of age story about a young girl in Japanese occupied Korea.


Once They Hear my Name: Korean adoptees and their journeys toward identity
I hope I’m ready to read this one.  It has positive stories – and not so positive ones.  I must admit – it is one fear that I have – whether or not Alex will at some point wish he was never adopted.  I hope this book will help demonstrate some of the things that causes an adopted child to feel resentment.


7 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been looking for literature set in Korea so I’ll definitely have to add Calligrapher’s Daughter to my list.

    I too am scared that my future child could possibly resent me for adopting him (or her). This subject scares me a lot. I applaud you for being brave and picking up this book on this topic. Please let us know how it is and whether you recommend it to the rest of us.

    PS – I’m currently reading Digging to America by Anne Tyler. I seem to recall that perhaps you had talked about this book before on your blog? It’s OK, not blown away by it quite yet, but I do appreciate that Korean adoptee context to the story.

    • I agree – Digging to America was good – but not amazing. I just liked to see the difference between the way the girls were raised – and consequently the girl’s attitudes toward their parents and adoption.
      I’ll let you know about the Korean adoptee stories book – I’m doing one story at a time with a few days between each story so I won’t get overwhelmed.

  2. Before Little Man I read one book per week. Now I have a stack next to the bed 🙂 I stick my nose in whenever I have time- usually before bed. Look like good suggestions!

  3. Oooo – The Picoult book is already on my radar (you know I like her!) but the other two are new to me. Although, I’m going to wait to see what you think of the last one…

    And I agree, Digging to America – Eeh.

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