Child Care

Well, it has been two full weeks since Alex has been in child care full-time – and for the most part I think it is going pretty well.  He has only cried once when I left (and selfishly I was cheering on the inside – yeah for attachment!), but he plays very well with the other children, and of course eats very well.  The one problem is napping.  The first week, the most he slept was just under an hour.  One day it was 10 minutes.  This past week was usually an hour, and then one day it was closer to 2 hours.  So he is getting better.  The first 2 days of the weekend after child care, naps at our place were horrible too – he didn’t want to settle – but I think it was just a reaction to the change.  Now he is napping well for me again too. 

One cute story that Megan told me about Alex.  Last week they were playing on the front lawn, and Alex kept saying “Bahh, Bahhh” (like he says for pretty much everything) but he was pointing in a crab apple tree at a bright red crab apple.  Megan picked it for him, and when he got it in his little hands, he said “Ball” – Megan then replied – “No, Apple”.  Alex looked at the apple, walked to the front door to be let in, then walked into the kitchen and gave it to Megan for her to cut up for him.  She didn’t feed him the crab apple, but gave him some regular apple – but I thought that was a very cute story.

When Alex is now at home, I really notice how much he is trying to say different words again.  He is much more vocal that’s for sure.  He is also doing things that I have never seen before – for instance, actually blowing bubbles (with his soap bubbles), and he is now moving his little ride on cars with his feet rather than insisting that he gets pushed.  He is also now getting off furniture much more smoothly (he always did before – but he is much better at it), and tonight… HE WALKED UP THE STAIRS WITHOUT OUT HELP!!  Not just one or two, but a whole flight.  Where has my baby gone?  That is the one thing that really bothers me about Alex being at a sitters – I miss the new firsts.  Sure I got the first words, the first steps, but there will be so much more that I will find out second hand and that is sad.

Peek!  Hiding out in the closet

Peek! Hiding out in the closet

Sleeping with Doggy

Sleeping with Doggy

On my bookshelf

I really hope you don’t mind me sharing what I’m reading – but I LOVE to read!

Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult
Can you imagine? Your child having brittle bone disease?  Every move that they make could turn into a trip to the Emergency Room.  Takes a very strong person…


The Calligrapher’s Daughter by Eugenia Kim
I haven’t started this one yet – but it is a coming of age story about a young girl in Japanese occupied Korea.


Once They Hear my Name: Korean adoptees and their journeys toward identity
I hope I’m ready to read this one.  It has positive stories – and not so positive ones.  I must admit – it is one fear that I have – whether or not Alex will at some point wish he was never adopted.  I hope this book will help demonstrate some of the things that causes an adopted child to feel resentment.