Fall Premieres

I’m a tv junkie.  I admit it.  Matt I’m sure would like to host an intervention at times – but hey – I like watching tv. 

So now that I’ve seen my first maple turning red, here’s my premiere lineup (bold titles are the ones I’m especially excited to watch):

September 8 – Melrose Place (The CW), 9:00 PM/ET
September 9 – America’s Next Top Model (The CW), 8:00 PM/ET
September 17 – The Office (NBC), 9:00 PM/ET
September 21 – House [2 hour premiere] (Fox), 8:00 PM/ET
September 21 – How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 8:00 PM/ET
September 23 – Criminal Minds (CBS), 9:00 PM/ET
September 24 – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), 9:00 PM/ET
October 1 – Private Practice (ABC), 10:00 PM/ET

Thank goodness for satellite so that I can timeshift!  What shows are you excited to watch this Fall?