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For some time I’ve been a fan of Canadian author Rebecca Eckler. I first discovered her when I read her debut novel – Knocked Up: Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-Be.  It is witty, laugh out loud funny – and real – since it is her own story.   I must admit some of the reviews I read for it were poor – but I thought it was great – perhaps because I was never pregnant.

Now I’m on to her second book Wiped: Life With a Pint Sized Dictator.  It is just way too funny – even though I can’t relate to the parts about having an infant – I laugh at imagining my friends in those situations.  But now I’m into the 12-15 month stages and I can totally relate to her situations (well most of them – I didn’t get to go to Miami for 2 months to decompress). 

She also has another book called Toddlers Gone Wild!: Rants from a Mommy Brain that is on my list to read next. 

Eckler also writes for the National Post Lifestyle section and has had many articles in various magazines.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, Krista. I am now reading Wiped and loving it so far. I had read Knocked Up a few years ago, and didn’t even realize that Rebecca Eckler had any new novels.

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