So it is Friday!  I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by since I’ve been back to work.  It has been 3 weeks already!  In a week and a half, Matt will be back at school and Alex will be going to a sitter – just crazy.

The guys got back very late on Wednesday night and Alex woke up for a bit so I could have some cuddles which I really needed.  The next morning I got up with him nice and early (6:45 – before he went North he was a 7:30 man – not sure what happened) and we got to have some mommy / baby time before I went to work.  I started to notice some changes though…  well he has grown for sure – but he is also throwing little tantrums.  Not full out throw himself of the floor fits, but just frustrated times where he throws things.  Toys, books, cups… I know that around the 14-15 month that tends to come out in little kids – but I was hoping Alex would be the exception 😉  Guess not.  

Recently we repainted our living / dining / kitchen space and we decided to put up a mirror that once belonged to Matt’s grandmother above the couch.  So we did that tonight – and caught Alex kissing (sorry – it is french styled kiss) himself in the mirror – silly boy!

Alex 039

I’m really excited about tomorrow – we are getting together with 3 other families that we have gotten to know that also have boys from Korea.  I’ll post pics soon!  It is also the start of 5 days off… yeah!

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  1. Yay for cuddles!
    And we went through the frustrated throwing phase. The best advice we got was to supply the child with approved throwing devices: balls, dog toys, etc. so they can practice their throwing skills appropriately. I know it prob. won’t work in every case, but it helped us!

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