It’s coming…

That’s right – Fall and Winter are right around the corner.  You are all probably yelling at the computer right now – saying “NO WAY – Summer just arrived!!”  However I have seen evidence to the contrary…

  1. School starts in 10 days
  2. It is getting dark around 8:30pm and street lights are coming on
  3. There are Fall mums at the garden centres
  4. My daisies have died off
  5. There were fall decor items in the flyers tonight
  6. I got my driver’s licence renewal form in the mail today
  7. I’ve started doing my Christmas shopping (3 gifts bought)
  8. I’ve signed up to participate in a Christmas craft show (it’s a fundraiser for the United Way)

Any other evidence that Fall is on it’s way in your lives?


So it is Friday!  I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by since I’ve been back to work.  It has been 3 weeks already!  In a week and a half, Matt will be back at school and Alex will be going to a sitter – just crazy.

The guys got back very late on Wednesday night and Alex woke up for a bit so I could have some cuddles which I really needed.  The next morning I got up with him nice and early (6:45 – before he went North he was a 7:30 man – not sure what happened) and we got to have some mommy / baby time before I went to work.  I started to notice some changes though…  well he has grown for sure – but he is also throwing little tantrums.  Not full out throw himself of the floor fits, but just frustrated times where he throws things.  Toys, books, cups… I know that around the 14-15 month that tends to come out in little kids – but I was hoping Alex would be the exception 😉  Guess not.  

Recently we repainted our living / dining / kitchen space and we decided to put up a mirror that once belonged to Matt’s grandmother above the couch.  So we did that tonight – and caught Alex kissing (sorry – it is french styled kiss) himself in the mirror – silly boy!

Alex 039

I’m really excited about tomorrow – we are getting together with 3 other families that we have gotten to know that also have boys from Korea.  I’ll post pics soon!  It is also the start of 5 days off… yeah!