When the boys are away…

That’s right – my boys are gone for a few days to the cottage, Matt, Alex and Mason.  Not sure how I feel about this.  While I’m kinda excited to be able to make my own schedule up again, being able to eat a bag of popcorn for dinner if I want, reading till midnight without bothering anyone, I’m also sad.  I haven’t been away from Alex overnight since we met him.  I kissed him about a hundred times before he left – he was pulling away in the end – such a boy.  Mason didn’t care – he was sitting in the car all excited to be on the way to the cottage to chase chipmunks.  

They will be home late Wednesday – so until then I have some time to:

  • visit my friend Beth and her new baby girl!! Camryn is 1 week old today!
  • have dinner with my mom tomorrow night
  • do some crafting
  • finish Breaking Dawn… ahh… the romance of Edward and Bella – love it!  Should be done tonight since I can read as late as I want to!!
  • finish The Journal of Mortifying Moments for Tuesday’s book club meeting at my place
  • clean the house – vacuum, bathrooms, put away all the stuff we moved around to paint our living / dining / kitchen area
  • prepare for the adoption get together at my place on Saturday!! Can’t wait Belinda, Barbara & Karen! 
  • go for wings with my friend Kelly
  • oh yeah, and go to work

I have to mention a few fun things from the past few days.  I’ve had an extra long weekend – off work since Thursday, so I’ve had a lot of good family time.  We went to Waterloo on Friday and Alex had his first real McDonald’s experience.  We ate in the restaurant – something I haven’t done in years – and Alex had a happy meal!  He loved it – but we won’t be making it a regular thing – I like to think of McD’s as more of a treat.  Later that day I had to run to the beer store (it was really hot – thank you for sending the sun our way!!), and I got ID’d!!  In Ontario you have to be 19 to drink, so that means the worker thought I was 13 years younger than I am… it made me feel real good – guess he didn’t notice the grey.  Alex started blowing kisses – it is so adorable, especially since he makes a huge smacking noise while doing it.  I have pictures, but forgot to upload them before Matt took the camera north.  We also bought a slip and slide.  It is is too advanced for Alex, but I had a hoot on it today – and he loved trying to drink the water from the sprinkler parts!  Again, I have pictures, but I don’t think I will embarrass myself by posting those… 

Enjoy your week!!

6 responses

  1. It must be hard to see your boys go… but it sounds like you will enjoy your few days of peace and quiet (although maybe not too much of either – sounds like you’ve got a busy schedule)!

  2. Wow, enjoy your time… all to yourself! How re-energizing!!!
    And I am soooo jealous of your Slip-n-Slide. I’ve been begging Adam for one for years, but he’s convinced one of us will end up in the ER with a cracked this or a broken that. I say, “all in good fun!”

  3. Enjoy your quiet time!! Alex will be bombarded with hugs and kisses on Wednesday night! We’re very much looking forward to Saturday, too.

  4. OK – I’m a little jealous of your free time. I know it’s probably hard… but after flying solo here for so many weeks… I’d like to pack the boys in the car and send them off! 😉

    And, ironically, we just acquired a slip-n-slide too!

    Go you for getting yourself carded!

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