When the boys are away…

That’s right – my boys are gone for a few days to the cottage, Matt, Alex and Mason.  Not sure how I feel about this.  While I’m kinda excited to be able to make my own schedule up again, being able to eat a bag of popcorn for dinner if I want, reading till midnight without bothering anyone, I’m also sad.  I haven’t been away from Alex overnight since we met him.  I kissed him about a hundred times before he left – he was pulling away in the end – such a boy.  Mason didn’t care – he was sitting in the car all excited to be on the way to the cottage to chase chipmunks.  

They will be home late Wednesday – so until then I have some time to:

  • visit my friend Beth and her new baby girl!! Camryn is 1 week old today!
  • have dinner with my mom tomorrow night
  • do some crafting
  • finish Breaking Dawn… ahh… the romance of Edward and Bella – love it!  Should be done tonight since I can read as late as I want to!!
  • finish The Journal of Mortifying Moments for Tuesday’s book club meeting at my place
  • clean the house – vacuum, bathrooms, put away all the stuff we moved around to paint our living / dining / kitchen area
  • prepare for the adoption get together at my place on Saturday!! Can’t wait Belinda, Barbara & Karen! 
  • go for wings with my friend Kelly
  • oh yeah, and go to work

I have to mention a few fun things from the past few days.  I’ve had an extra long weekend – off work since Thursday, so I’ve had a lot of good family time.  We went to Waterloo on Friday and Alex had his first real McDonald’s experience.  We ate in the restaurant – something I haven’t done in years – and Alex had a happy meal!  He loved it – but we won’t be making it a regular thing – I like to think of McD’s as more of a treat.  Later that day I had to run to the beer store (it was really hot – thank you for sending the sun our way!!), and I got ID’d!!  In Ontario you have to be 19 to drink, so that means the worker thought I was 13 years younger than I am… it made me feel real good – guess he didn’t notice the grey.  Alex started blowing kisses – it is so adorable, especially since he makes a huge smacking noise while doing it.  I have pictures, but forgot to upload them before Matt took the camera north.  We also bought a slip and slide.  It is is too advanced for Alex, but I had a hoot on it today – and he loved trying to drink the water from the sprinkler parts!  Again, I have pictures, but I don’t think I will embarrass myself by posting those… 

Enjoy your week!!