Going Well

Things have been going well since I’ve been back to work.  As I mentioned on Friday, I do find myself more tired than normal, but I think that is par for the course.  I’m now a mommy, a wife, and a librarian – and they all take a lot of energy!  So worth it though.

Alex seems is enjoying his time with Matt.  They tend to do jobs around the house together – “man” stuff.  Matt started working on repainting a few rooms through the house, just to freshen them up, so that has been occupying nap time.  

Alex has always loved to dance.  He would bop to the music when ever we said “Dance Dance” – but now… he stomps his feet – kinda as if he is running on the spot.  One of these days I will figure out the video camera enough to get a video uploaded.  It is just adorable.  He really likes to do it on the non slip mat in the tub for some reason.

Alex is also getting 2 molars… finally.  They are about half way back on the top.  For the past few months we knew something was up – he was fussy at times, drooling, red cheeks… but since they have started to show, they don’t seem to bother Alex as much which is a relief.  He doesn’t even have the teething cheeks any more! 

Alex even has a couple of new favourite foods – corn on the cob and watermelon.  He can’t get enough – which is perfect since they are both in season and Matt and I are huge fans of the two also!

Watermelon Boy

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  1. My little maniac LOVES corn on the cob, too! He likes to eat a raw cob as soon as it’s husked and that’s his way of helping me husk them all 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see the video of Alex dancing! I am glad that things are going well since you have gone back to work. It gives me some hope that things will be fine for me too when the time comes. Love the pic of Alex and his watermelon!

  3. Looks yummy Alex!! And you look quite adorable chowing it! Glad to hear things are going well K!

    I think it’s great that Matt is getting some one-on-one time as well… and getting chores done to boot?! Go Matt!

    The dancing sounds too cute!

  4. We have a dancer over here also. Colin used to just bop his head but now does knee bends w the music. Too cute!
    I think the molars are our issue here as well. Puffy eyes, cheeks, drooling, chewing on odds and ends and cranky here and there but we haven’t spotted anything inside the mouth yet.

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