All day there have been thunderstorms rolling though south western Ontario.  I usually like a good storm.  I love watching the lightning, the heavy rain and the wind.  Sadly I even like driving around to see the destruction after a good storm.  Hey – I always wanted to be a weather girl, but I didn’t like science all that much.  We just spent about 20 minutes watching the lightning and the idiots still playing baseball at the diamond behind our house.  However, when you see the big old tornado warning on the tv, that’s when I get freaked.  We just saw a tornado symbol on the weather station, hovering right over Stratford… not good.  I really don’t know why I’m even on the computer right now!  I saw a tornado nearly tear up a town when I was 8 years old and we nearly got wiped out tying to outrun the twister in an attempt to get to my grandmother’s place (I know – a little too much Dorothy, but it is true). I often have nightmares about tornados too.  Doesn’t help that one of my favoutite movies is Poltergist.  So, I guess I better go set up the basement, just in case!