Fun Books

For some time I’ve been a fan of Canadian author Rebecca Eckler. I first discovered her when I read her debut novel – Knocked Up: Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-Be.  It is witty, laugh out loud funny – and real – since it is her own story.   I must admit some of the reviews I read for it were poor – but I thought it was great – perhaps because I was never pregnant.

Now I’m on to her second book Wiped: Life With a Pint Sized Dictator.  It is just way too funny – even though I can’t relate to the parts about having an infant – I laugh at imagining my friends in those situations.  But now I’m into the 12-15 month stages and I can totally relate to her situations (well most of them – I didn’t get to go to Miami for 2 months to decompress). 

She also has another book called Toddlers Gone Wild!: Rants from a Mommy Brain that is on my list to read next. 

Eckler also writes for the National Post Lifestyle section and has had many articles in various magazines.

Alex Update

I’ve been such a bad blogger – since I’ve been back to work, when I get home, the last thing I want to do is be on the computer since I sit at one all day.  So please forgive me!  I also don’t have any pictures to share from this week – I need new batteries so I can’t take any pictures off my camera until I can get to the camera shop – I know – bad blogger.

But Alex has been a very busy boy this week.  Here’s what’s going on:

After last week’s play date with his Seoul Brothers, Alex seemed to be jealous of all the teeth that Lucas and Daniel had.  So, on Monday, he started getting some new ones.  He has been working on 2 top molars for a couple of weeks – but now we have the 2 top eye teeth and lower molar coming through.  So as you all know what that means – a grumpy, sore little man.   He’s been doing pretty well with it all though.  Alex is such a trooper.

Yesterday Matt took Alex to the Dr’s to finally get his 15 month shots (even though next week he turns 16 months).  He had his chickenpox shot and I think the Hib (whatever that might be).  And unfortunately Alex doesn’t react well in the night after his shots.  At 2am last night he woke up unconsolable and it took almost an hour for me to get him back to sleep.  Poor little guy. 

Alex will be starting at the sitter’s on Tuesday full time so to get comfortable with her, he spent a few hours there on Thursday and Friday.  Megan, the child care provider has a home daycare that he will be attending full time.   From what I’ve been told Alex did really well.  He cried a bit after Matt left on Thursday, but no tears on Friday.  It will be interesting to see how it goes on Tuesday though – he hasn’t had a nap elsewhere without us before.  I’ve actually taken Tuesday off in case of a melt down 😉   If no melt downs happen – the house will finally get cleaned.

Right now, everything is pretty much a ball – or something similar in the B sounds.  He has a different sort of word for a bike (biiiii) and cries every time we walk past our bike in the garage – he must love the bike rides we go on.  He still occasionally says mama and dada – but rarely.   He doesn’t say blueberries (bububah) or bubbles any more for some reason.   His other word is up (or uhhhhh).  I understand them all so it works for us.  His babbles consist of a lot of different sounds so I’m sure more words will be coming soon.

Adoption Get Together

Yeasterday Matt and I hosted an adoption get together for the three other familes that we have gotten to know through our adoption journey.  There was Karen, Kevin and Lucus, Barbara, Andy and Daniel, and Belinda, Steve and Adam.  Mommies and boys got together back in April, but this was the first time with the daddies.  All in all it was a huge success.  There were a few tears here and there – a couple of fights over toys – but really the boys got along so well.  The boys are all within 4 months of one another so the similarities are amazing.  We played, had supper, and played some more.  The kids loved playing on the stairs – dangerous I know – but we kept an eye on them.  In the end it was a pretty late night for Alex – but don’t kill me girls – he slept in until 9:10am… ahhh…. And had a proper nap and bedtime tonight.    I can’t wait until the next playdate!  It would be so nice if the boys could grow up knowing each other.

As anyone with a toddler knows, it is difficult to get your child to stay still for a picture (especially when your camera battery is dying), so here are some pics – the group shots never did turn out.  I’ve also “borrowed” some from Barbara – hope you don’t mind Barb! 😉

Daniel, Adam and Alex

Daniel, Adam and Alex

Lucas checking out Mason

Lucas checking out Mason

When is supper?

When is supper?

Ahh... Don't touch me!  A few second's later Alex freaked out - Adam tried to calm him down, but that just made it worse.  Silly boy!

Ahh... Don't touch me! A few second's later Alex freaked out - Adam tried to calm him down, but that just made it worse. Silly boy!

Adam just being cute

Adam just being cute

Jammie Time!

Jammie Time!

We don't know why Alex was crying...

We don't know why Alex was crying...

Adam wanted to wear Matt's shoes home

Adam wanted to wear Matt's shoes home

It’s coming…

That’s right – Fall and Winter are right around the corner.  You are all probably yelling at the computer right now – saying “NO WAY – Summer just arrived!!”  However I have seen evidence to the contrary…

  1. School starts in 10 days
  2. It is getting dark around 8:30pm and street lights are coming on
  3. There are Fall mums at the garden centres
  4. My daisies have died off
  5. There were fall decor items in the flyers tonight
  6. I got my driver’s licence renewal form in the mail today
  7. I’ve started doing my Christmas shopping (3 gifts bought)
  8. I’ve signed up to participate in a Christmas craft show (it’s a fundraiser for the United Way)

Any other evidence that Fall is on it’s way in your lives?


So it is Friday!  I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by since I’ve been back to work.  It has been 3 weeks already!  In a week and a half, Matt will be back at school and Alex will be going to a sitter – just crazy.

The guys got back very late on Wednesday night and Alex woke up for a bit so I could have some cuddles which I really needed.  The next morning I got up with him nice and early (6:45 – before he went North he was a 7:30 man – not sure what happened) and we got to have some mommy / baby time before I went to work.  I started to notice some changes though…  well he has grown for sure – but he is also throwing little tantrums.  Not full out throw himself of the floor fits, but just frustrated times where he throws things.  Toys, books, cups… I know that around the 14-15 month that tends to come out in little kids – but I was hoping Alex would be the exception 😉  Guess not.  

Recently we repainted our living / dining / kitchen space and we decided to put up a mirror that once belonged to Matt’s grandmother above the couch.  So we did that tonight – and caught Alex kissing (sorry – it is french styled kiss) himself in the mirror – silly boy!

Alex 039

I’m really excited about tomorrow – we are getting together with 3 other families that we have gotten to know that also have boys from Korea.  I’ll post pics soon!  It is also the start of 5 days off… yeah!

Baby Brain

Do you have baby brain?  I certainly do at times.  I don’t feel baby brain is only for those who give birth – but for all moms.  We adoptive moms are sleep deprived too!  Anyhow – just browsing my Google Reader, waiting for my boys to come home (eta is 10 min), and found a cute article from Simple Mom on Battling Mommy Brain : 6 Strategies to Boost Brain Health.  Hey – can’t hurt can it?  Worth a try.

When the boys are away…

That’s right – my boys are gone for a few days to the cottage, Matt, Alex and Mason.  Not sure how I feel about this.  While I’m kinda excited to be able to make my own schedule up again, being able to eat a bag of popcorn for dinner if I want, reading till midnight without bothering anyone, I’m also sad.  I haven’t been away from Alex overnight since we met him.  I kissed him about a hundred times before he left – he was pulling away in the end – such a boy.  Mason didn’t care – he was sitting in the car all excited to be on the way to the cottage to chase chipmunks.  

They will be home late Wednesday – so until then I have some time to:

  • visit my friend Beth and her new baby girl!! Camryn is 1 week old today!
  • have dinner with my mom tomorrow night
  • do some crafting
  • finish Breaking Dawn… ahh… the romance of Edward and Bella – love it!  Should be done tonight since I can read as late as I want to!!
  • finish The Journal of Mortifying Moments for Tuesday’s book club meeting at my place
  • clean the house – vacuum, bathrooms, put away all the stuff we moved around to paint our living / dining / kitchen area
  • prepare for the adoption get together at my place on Saturday!! Can’t wait Belinda, Barbara & Karen! 
  • go for wings with my friend Kelly
  • oh yeah, and go to work

I have to mention a few fun things from the past few days.  I’ve had an extra long weekend – off work since Thursday, so I’ve had a lot of good family time.  We went to Waterloo on Friday and Alex had his first real McDonald’s experience.  We ate in the restaurant – something I haven’t done in years – and Alex had a happy meal!  He loved it – but we won’t be making it a regular thing – I like to think of McD’s as more of a treat.  Later that day I had to run to the beer store (it was really hot – thank you for sending the sun our way!!), and I got ID’d!!  In Ontario you have to be 19 to drink, so that means the worker thought I was 13 years younger than I am… it made me feel real good – guess he didn’t notice the grey.  Alex started blowing kisses – it is so adorable, especially since he makes a huge smacking noise while doing it.  I have pictures, but forgot to upload them before Matt took the camera north.  We also bought a slip and slide.  It is is too advanced for Alex, but I had a hoot on it today – and he loved trying to drink the water from the sprinkler parts!  Again, I have pictures, but I don’t think I will embarrass myself by posting those… 

Enjoy your week!!

Going Well

Things have been going well since I’ve been back to work.  As I mentioned on Friday, I do find myself more tired than normal, but I think that is par for the course.  I’m now a mommy, a wife, and a librarian – and they all take a lot of energy!  So worth it though.

Alex seems is enjoying his time with Matt.  They tend to do jobs around the house together – “man” stuff.  Matt started working on repainting a few rooms through the house, just to freshen them up, so that has been occupying nap time.  

Alex has always loved to dance.  He would bop to the music when ever we said “Dance Dance” – but now… he stomps his feet – kinda as if he is running on the spot.  One of these days I will figure out the video camera enough to get a video uploaded.  It is just adorable.  He really likes to do it on the non slip mat in the tub for some reason.

Alex is also getting 2 molars… finally.  They are about half way back on the top.  For the past few months we knew something was up – he was fussy at times, drooling, red cheeks… but since they have started to show, they don’t seem to bother Alex as much which is a relief.  He doesn’t even have the teething cheeks any more! 

Alex even has a couple of new favourite foods – corn on the cob and watermelon.  He can’t get enough – which is perfect since they are both in season and Matt and I are huge fans of the two also!

Watermelon Boy

Silly Me

I guess I was a little overly dramatic last night. There was a good storm, lots of lightning and thunder – but luckily no tornado.
I will provide a proper update on how things have been going later today, lots to do at work!