Friday Favourites

I was planning on posting a recipe for rhubarb muffins today – but after last night – I have a better fav to talk about – Date Night Thursdays!

For the last few months, Matt and I have been having a regular “date night”.  On date night we set aside time after Alex goes to bed to prepare a nice meal, have a bottle of wine, and just chat, watch a movie, andjust hang out, rather than running around cleaning, playing on the computer, you get the idea.  Last night’s date night was exceptional – we went down to Toronto to see… COLDPLAY!! 

First we went to Yorkdale Mall and had dinner at the Pickle Barrel where I had an amazing Chow Mein and a green apple margharitta… yum!  Then we took the subway to the Rogers Centre for the show.  We normally drive right downtown for events and find parking there, but this time we thought it would save us time, stress of traffic, and $$ to take the subway… well, it didn’t save us any time, but that’s another story! 

We arrived just as the 2nd opening band was finishing – a British band called Elbow.  I really wish we had been able to see more of them – they sounded great.   The concert was part of the Viva La Vida tour – and if you have the opportunity to go see it – GO!!  I’ve been to A LOT of concerts, and this one is up there in the top 3 for amazing shows.  For Coldplay, there were huge screens showing the concert because the Rogers Centre is so huge, and the video looked just like a music video – it was fantastically choreographed.  The soundwas also AMAZING – it sounded just perfect – you know a band is good when they sound as good on stage as they do on their albums.  The effects were great too – huge bouncing balloons during Yellow, thousands of fluttering paper butterflies falling from the ceiling and being shot out into the crowd.  I LOVED all of the songs from their new album – they include a lot of drums which was great live.  But I think my fav songs were Fix You, Lost, and Lovers in Japan.  They didn’t play my favourite song – Swallowed in the Sea – but I think I’ll forgive them.

There were over 45,000 people there – the largest concert we’ve ever been to for sure – so when they announced that there would be a free cd (Left Right Left Right Left) for each person at the end of the show – people were obviously psyched!  It kinda backfired when they were giving them out at the exit of the Rogers Centre – causing a huge lineup inside (where it was REALLY hot) – so I didn’t get one after the show.  But a nice girl gave me an extra on the subway!  Thank you who ever you were!  It took us longer than we expected to get home – over 3.5 hours… but the show was worth it! (my poor mom though – she isn’t technically savvy – and Alex was playing with the remote, and messed up the satellite for her – so all night she didn’t have any tv! and when we didn’t get home until 2:30 – that is a LONG night!)

So anyhow – Date nights rock.  They are not always this extravagant – but it is nice to set aside time solely for you and you partner  – it’s important for your relationship (because being a parent can be tough) and it is important for your child too – refreshed parents I’m sure are a good thing!

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  1. I love Coldplay! I’ve seen them once a few years ago but I’d love to see this tour because their new album totally rocks. Sounds like you had a blast. 45,000 people sounds a bit overwhelming – hope you had decent seats. 🙂

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