One Week

6 months have flown by ever so quickly.  I can’t believe in one week I will be back at work, sitting at my desk.   I thought I would be ok with it – but now I’m sort of regretting making the decision to go back early.  I know Alex and Matt will have a blast this August with lots of guy fun, while I’m working away… but I wish I was going to be there with them.  It doesn’t help that the weather this July has royally sucked!  Cool, rain, rain, rain, overcast, storms, all pretty much every day, making it near impossible to plan any real outings.  So please cross your fingers that this week will be better!!  I think 2 days have sun in the forecast – and a ok temperature of 25c.  Perhaps a day at the beach?

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  1. Oh… I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you! I’m sure the first few days will be rough, but once you’re in the swing of things, it might feel nice to be productive again. And absence does make the heart grow fonder. (I’m not trying to downplay the difficulty… just trying to help!)

  2. It def will not be easy leaving Alex behind but you will be so excited to see him upon arrival at home each night.

    Sending good weather and sun your way….

  3. At least for your first month back he’s home with Daddy… and that’s HUGE. I know that doesn’t make you having to leave any easier… but really, I think that’s a sweet scenario! Hope you have some beautiful weather for your final days off!

  4. Christine is right– with Alex being at home with his Dad, it will help to make the transition easier. Steve has been home for the last 3.5 weeks with Adam, as I’ve transitioned back to work. The first week was tough to leave them, and Adam seemed off-put with me in the evenings when I come home. It’s improved a lot, and I’ve settled into a routine. We working Moms just have to look forward to the week-ends!!

  5. i remember returning to work after theo, my first. it was awful, there is really no way to downplay it. but you’ll get through it. my boys all have a very special relationship with their papa, who is at home with them when i am not. daddy/alex time will be good for all of you… whether the mama portion of the equation feels like it is at the time (i know i didn’t!) or not. i’ll be thinking of you.

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