Weekend Fun

This past weekend flew by way too quickly.  Saturday we had a nice Chinese food dinner at Matt’s Grandma’s with some other family members which was really nice.  Alex’s table manners need to be a little more refined when he isn’t eating in a high chair we discovered, but all in all it was good.  His grandma’s cancer has come back and she is currently doing chemo so a distraction was needed.  I think Alex kept her mind off of things!

Sunday we had 2 birthday parties.  One was for our neighbour Jackson who turned 4!  It was a soldier / castle /Shrek themed event and I think Alex had a great time.  He discovered bugel treats – I swear he ate half a bowl – and no I wasn’t feeding them to him!  He was mooching… have to work on that one.  They painted, played, made magnets and ate pizza and cake – fun!



We then hired our niece to babysit Alex for a few hours so we could go to party #2.  Lyndsay went through our bedtime with us, we put Alex to bed, and she more or less just listed for any action on the monitor and all went well.  We went to Matt’s brother Nate’s birthday dinner and had a great time!  It’s good to know we have a reliable sitter close by – who is family – and half Korean herself!