Visiting the Farm

This afternoon, Matt, Alex, and I went to my Aunt Diane & Uncle Steven’s place to check out their little farm and to have a visit.  They have about 40 goats, some cows and a number of chickens and roosters – enough that Alex got to get up close and personal with.  On the way out there, Alex was playing with my old sunglasses and I decided to put them on him.  What do you think?

Cool Alex

When we arrived, one of the goats was cutting the lawn – some how he escapes from the fenced in area – but he always goes back for food and for socializing so it works out.  There were some baby goats that were just ADORABLE!! 

Alex 003

Alex 005

Ok – so it looks like Alex is one of Michael Jackson’s children with his face being hidden from the camera, but I swear I wasn’t trying for that look.  The goat above actually was trying to eat Alex’s hat!  I guess they really will try to eat anything!

Alex 006

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