Storybook Gardens

Today we loaded up the vehicle and headed down to Storybook Gardens in London.  Visiting SG was something I was really looking forward to doing with Alex since I had gone as a child.  I must admit, the park as a whole was a little ahead of him – next year he will be really getting into it and will be able to recognize many more of the storybook characters – but there was enough to keep Alex entertained.  There is a little farm area where he got to see peacocks up close, a cow, sheep, goats, chickens, and guinea pigs.  Alex cried when we took him away from the cow – he just loves them!  The playground equipment was way too advanced.  There is a toddler set which I’m sure he could have had a lot of fun on – but it was really busy and poor guy would have been just plowed down.  I tried to crawl through some of it with him, but it wasn’t really adult friendly either.  But then there was the splash zone.  That was right up Alex’s alley!  The spray guns and the waterfall were a little advanced but the rest was a lot of fun.  

Alex 016

Alex 023

Before we left Alex and I had a little chat with Humpty Dumpty – such a nice fellow.

Alex 026

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  1. I remember going to Storybook Gardens as a child, as well. It looks like it will be fun for the boys as they get older, but still a great outing. Alex just keeps getting cuter!

  2. I have a very similar picture with Ila and Humpty from this year! I found it a bit ahead of my kids too and think we will wait to go again in a year or so. We couldn’t even get in the water area the day we went cause it was so busy! The price is right though for a day trip!

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