It has been really nice having Matt home.  We get to spell each other off when we need a breather (little Alex has been just motoring around!), if we need to go to the gym, or go out – you get the picture.  Matt is away for a couple of days now – gone back to the cottage to fish, but he will be home on Saturday morning.   So it is just Alex, Mason and I until then.  Not much planned – I just hope he decides to sleep past 6:20am.  For the last 3 days, he has woken at precisely 6:20 – not sure why.  He has also been taking 2 naps a day since Tuesday – he had more immunization shots – so I’m hoping he is just out of wack from that – or perhaps it is just he early morning wake ups.  He is also staring to get more selective with his food, and won’t take his morning or evening milk in a cup – it has to be his bottle again.  I’m going to flow with it for a few days – but by Monday I want him back on the cup.  Ahhh toddlers.  I’m glad to see that this is all normal – I picked up the What to Expect Toddlers edition at the Library yesterday.

Anyhow – it was a lovely sunny day today.  Alex and I had a play date with my friend Beth and her son Ben.  Ben is too cute – he is just over 2 and talks a mile a minute.   We went to the little animal section at the park and played on the swings.  Lots of fun.  Next play date there will be another baby! Beth is due in August – I can’t wait to find out if it is another boy or if it is a girl.  Alex, Matt and I hung out in the backyard this afternoon – Alex in his little pool, fooling around.  He loves to make us laugh!  I love this little guy so much!



Not sure why – but Alex loves to suck the water out of the bristles on the paint brush I bought for him (so he could paint the deck with water). 


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  1. Alex is such a cutie!!! I’m sure you’ll have a great time till Saturday… I just remember saying little prayers that Alex would nap when hubby was away so I could have a wee bit of downtime.

    As for sucking water from bristles – I can totally see a kid doing that. Our Alex would practically drink his entire bath at night – we actually had to be sure to bath him early enough that we could change the HUGE diaper before bed or it would be like a boxing glove on him. Thankfully he grew out of that habit lol.

  2. Just when you think you have them all figured out they change it up to keep you on your toes! My kids were huge eaters and now all of a sudden are picky. One day they like waffles, next day you can’t get them to even look at one! Going with the flow is the best idea I think!

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