It has been really nice having Matt home.  We get to spell each other off when we need a breather (little Alex has been just motoring around!), if we need to go to the gym, or go out – you get the picture.  Matt is away for a couple of days now – gone back to the cottage to fish, but he will be home on Saturday morning.   So it is just Alex, Mason and I until then.  Not much planned – I just hope he decides to sleep past 6:20am.  For the last 3 days, he has woken at precisely 6:20 – not sure why.  He has also been taking 2 naps a day since Tuesday – he had more immunization shots – so I’m hoping he is just out of wack from that – or perhaps it is just he early morning wake ups.  He is also staring to get more selective with his food, and won’t take his morning or evening milk in a cup – it has to be his bottle again.  I’m going to flow with it for a few days – but by Monday I want him back on the cup.  Ahhh toddlers.  I’m glad to see that this is all normal – I picked up the What to Expect Toddlers edition at the Library yesterday.

Anyhow – it was a lovely sunny day today.  Alex and I had a play date with my friend Beth and her son Ben.  Ben is too cute – he is just over 2 and talks a mile a minute.   We went to the little animal section at the park and played on the swings.  Lots of fun.  Next play date there will be another baby! Beth is due in August – I can’t wait to find out if it is another boy or if it is a girl.  Alex, Matt and I hung out in the backyard this afternoon – Alex in his little pool, fooling around.  He loves to make us laugh!  I love this little guy so much!



Not sure why – but Alex loves to suck the water out of the bristles on the paint brush I bought for him (so he could paint the deck with water).