Very Upsetting

This week Imagine Adoption declared bankruptcy.  Imagine is an adoption agency in Cambridge Ontario that focuses mainly on adoptions in Africa.  There are hundreds of families who discovered this news by visiting the Imagine website.  I can not even fathom what these families are now feeling.  The anger, the sadness, the heartbreak, the uncertainty of where they now stand.  There are at least 70 children in a transition home in Ethiopia waiting for their adoptive families to come get them – but no one knows what the status of those children now are.  Can the families even go get them?  As many of you know, you pour your heart and soul into an adoption process – and to have your dream vanish in an instant must just be devastating.   And with the expense of adoption in these poor economic times, many families may not be able to start over.

At our PRIDE training, at least half of our class was adopting from Ethiopia through Imagine, and a very nice couple we met at PRIDE is included.  Brenda and Mike, Matt and I are thinking of you – last night you were the first thing I thought of when I heard the news – my heart goes out to you.  All of the families and babies affected by this horrible event are in my prayers and in my thoughts.  I really hope and pray that those who have received referrals are able to go bring their babies home.

7 responses

  1. Absolutely horrible. I am really hoping there are laws addressing this type of situation and how they should be dealt with. I pray that the families in transition are still able to become families.

  2. Oh, how terrible. I can’t imagine being stuck in that position – those poor families, and those poor kids! I bet I’ll be hearing more about this on my Ethiopian adoption forums this week. How horrible.

  3. This is horrible news. Something must be done to help these families and these children. Something also should be done to make sure that this can’t ever happen again. For those of you who have your children home, give them an extra snuggle tonight. For those of us still waiting… you never more than a thought away. Best wishes to everyone. I can’t even imagine what those poor people are feeling.

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