Friday Favourites

I was planning on posting a recipe for rhubarb muffins today – but after last night – I have a better fav to talk about – Date Night Thursdays!

For the last few months, Matt and I have been having a regular “date night”.  On date night we set aside time after Alex goes to bed to prepare a nice meal, have a bottle of wine, and just chat, watch a movie, andjust hang out, rather than running around cleaning, playing on the computer, you get the idea.  Last night’s date night was exceptional – we went down to Toronto to see… COLDPLAY!! 

First we went to Yorkdale Mall and had dinner at the Pickle Barrel where I had an amazing Chow Mein and a green apple margharitta… yum!  Then we took the subway to the Rogers Centre for the show.  We normally drive right downtown for events and find parking there, but this time we thought it would save us time, stress of traffic, and $$ to take the subway… well, it didn’t save us any time, but that’s another story! 

We arrived just as the 2nd opening band was finishing – a British band called Elbow.  I really wish we had been able to see more of them – they sounded great.   The concert was part of the Viva La Vida tour – and if you have the opportunity to go see it – GO!!  I’ve been to A LOT of concerts, and this one is up there in the top 3 for amazing shows.  For Coldplay, there were huge screens showing the concert because the Rogers Centre is so huge, and the video looked just like a music video – it was fantastically choreographed.  The soundwas also AMAZING – it sounded just perfect – you know a band is good when they sound as good on stage as they do on their albums.  The effects were great too – huge bouncing balloons during Yellow, thousands of fluttering paper butterflies falling from the ceiling and being shot out into the crowd.  I LOVED all of the songs from their new album – they include a lot of drums which was great live.  But I think my fav songs were Fix You, Lost, and Lovers in Japan.  They didn’t play my favourite song – Swallowed in the Sea – but I think I’ll forgive them.

There were over 45,000 people there – the largest concert we’ve ever been to for sure – so when they announced that there would be a free cd (Left Right Left Right Left) for each person at the end of the show – people were obviously psyched!  It kinda backfired when they were giving them out at the exit of the Rogers Centre – causing a huge lineup inside (where it was REALLY hot) – so I didn’t get one after the show.  But a nice girl gave me an extra on the subway!  Thank you who ever you were!  It took us longer than we expected to get home – over 3.5 hours… but the show was worth it! (my poor mom though – she isn’t technically savvy – and Alex was playing with the remote, and messed up the satellite for her – so all night she didn’t have any tv! and when we didn’t get home until 2:30 – that is a LONG night!)

So anyhow – Date nights rock.  They are not always this extravagant – but it is nice to set aside time solely for you and you partner  – it’s important for your relationship (because being a parent can be tough) and it is important for your child too – refreshed parents I’m sure are a good thing!

One Week

6 months have flown by ever so quickly.  I can’t believe in one week I will be back at work, sitting at my desk.   I thought I would be ok with it – but now I’m sort of regretting making the decision to go back early.  I know Alex and Matt will have a blast this August with lots of guy fun, while I’m working away… but I wish I was going to be there with them.  It doesn’t help that the weather this July has royally sucked!  Cool, rain, rain, rain, overcast, storms, all pretty much every day, making it near impossible to plan any real outings.  So please cross your fingers that this week will be better!!  I think 2 days have sun in the forecast – and a ok temperature of 25c.  Perhaps a day at the beach?

Weekend Fun

This past weekend flew by way too quickly.  Saturday we had a nice Chinese food dinner at Matt’s Grandma’s with some other family members which was really nice.  Alex’s table manners need to be a little more refined when he isn’t eating in a high chair we discovered, but all in all it was good.  His grandma’s cancer has come back and she is currently doing chemo so a distraction was needed.  I think Alex kept her mind off of things!

Sunday we had 2 birthday parties.  One was for our neighbour Jackson who turned 4!  It was a soldier / castle /Shrek themed event and I think Alex had a great time.  He discovered bugel treats – I swear he ate half a bowl – and no I wasn’t feeding them to him!  He was mooching… have to work on that one.  They painted, played, made magnets and ate pizza and cake – fun!



We then hired our niece to babysit Alex for a few hours so we could go to party #2.  Lyndsay went through our bedtime with us, we put Alex to bed, and she more or less just listed for any action on the monitor and all went well.  We went to Matt’s brother Nate’s birthday dinner and had a great time!  It’s good to know we have a reliable sitter close by – who is family – and half Korean herself!

Visiting the Farm

This afternoon, Matt, Alex, and I went to my Aunt Diane & Uncle Steven’s place to check out their little farm and to have a visit.  They have about 40 goats, some cows and a number of chickens and roosters – enough that Alex got to get up close and personal with.  On the way out there, Alex was playing with my old sunglasses and I decided to put them on him.  What do you think?

Cool Alex

When we arrived, one of the goats was cutting the lawn – some how he escapes from the fenced in area – but he always goes back for food and for socializing so it works out.  There were some baby goats that were just ADORABLE!! 

Alex 003

Alex 005

Ok – so it looks like Alex is one of Michael Jackson’s children with his face being hidden from the camera, but I swear I wasn’t trying for that look.  The goat above actually was trying to eat Alex’s hat!  I guess they really will try to eat anything!

Alex 006

Friday Favourites

Today I thought I would share Alex’s 3 top favourite books so far.

This one isn’t much of a fav now – but it was huge when we first brought him home: Perfect Pets from the Bright Baby series.  This is a touch and feel book that goes over various pets that one may have and has tactile sections for the child to tough – the goldfish scales are really cool!  We have quite a few of the Bright Baby books and Alex really enjoys all of them.

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?  by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle.  This fun book goes over all different wild animals, seeing what they might see – in the end it is a dreaming child watching over them.  I like to say it with a bouncy rhythm.  I just love all Eric Carle books – I think it is the nostalgic feelings I get from remembering reading them as a child myself – especially The Very Hungry Caterpillar!


And last by not least – Bunny’s Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown.  This has to be Alex’s all time favourite so far.  He sits very still while you read it to him.  He is also now doing some of the actions that I put into the book like stretching, scratching etc.  It really is just a cute, well written story by an amazing author.

 One that I’m newly fond of too is Sometimes I Like to Curl up in a Ball by Vicki Churchill and Charles Fuge. We have it out from the library right now – but I have to get our own copy – it is just adorable.

What is your child’s favourite book?

Storybook Gardens

Today we loaded up the vehicle and headed down to Storybook Gardens in London.  Visiting SG was something I was really looking forward to doing with Alex since I had gone as a child.  I must admit, the park as a whole was a little ahead of him – next year he will be really getting into it and will be able to recognize many more of the storybook characters – but there was enough to keep Alex entertained.  There is a little farm area where he got to see peacocks up close, a cow, sheep, goats, chickens, and guinea pigs.  Alex cried when we took him away from the cow – he just loves them!  The playground equipment was way too advanced.  There is a toddler set which I’m sure he could have had a lot of fun on – but it was really busy and poor guy would have been just plowed down.  I tried to crawl through some of it with him, but it wasn’t really adult friendly either.  But then there was the splash zone.  That was right up Alex’s alley!  The spray guns and the waterfall were a little advanced but the rest was a lot of fun.  

Alex 016

Alex 023

Before we left Alex and I had a little chat with Humpty Dumpty – such a nice fellow.

Alex 026

Favourite Fridays

I thought I would start sharing some favourite things on Fridays.  Some products, some web sites, some recipes – you get the idea.

Today I have 2 favourite sites to share and one favourite product:

Homemade by Jill –  This is a crafting blog by a girl named Jill in NYC.  She has an adorable little boy and quite often her crafts are focused on children.  For instance, today’s deals with uses for baby food jars – including a cool matching game.  I think I might go buy some baby food again just to make this craft!  She also has giveaways every so often.  In the fall I won a cashmere sock dog – he is too cute. 

Old Navy Coupon –  If you haven’t discovered this site – try it out!  In the advertisement you have to click around and find coupons.  Today I received a 25% off coupon!  It says it is US only on the bottom of the site – but the coupon says it is valid in Canada and the US.  Lots of fun!

Kushies Bibs –  These bibs are great!  They are large, they are waterproof taffeta so they can easily be cleaned (including in the washing machine), and some even come with arms.  They also have a large pocket on the bottom to catch those morsels that miss the mouth.  Alex uses them almost daily and I just love them.

It has been really nice having Matt home.  We get to spell each other off when we need a breather (little Alex has been just motoring around!), if we need to go to the gym, or go out – you get the picture.  Matt is away for a couple of days now – gone back to the cottage to fish, but he will be home on Saturday morning.   So it is just Alex, Mason and I until then.  Not much planned – I just hope he decides to sleep past 6:20am.  For the last 3 days, he has woken at precisely 6:20 – not sure why.  He has also been taking 2 naps a day since Tuesday – he had more immunization shots – so I’m hoping he is just out of wack from that – or perhaps it is just he early morning wake ups.  He is also staring to get more selective with his food, and won’t take his morning or evening milk in a cup – it has to be his bottle again.  I’m going to flow with it for a few days – but by Monday I want him back on the cup.  Ahhh toddlers.  I’m glad to see that this is all normal – I picked up the What to Expect Toddlers edition at the Library yesterday.

Anyhow – it was a lovely sunny day today.  Alex and I had a play date with my friend Beth and her son Ben.  Ben is too cute – he is just over 2 and talks a mile a minute.   We went to the little animal section at the park and played on the swings.  Lots of fun.  Next play date there will be another baby! Beth is due in August – I can’t wait to find out if it is another boy or if it is a girl.  Alex, Matt and I hung out in the backyard this afternoon – Alex in his little pool, fooling around.  He loves to make us laugh!  I love this little guy so much!



Not sure why – but Alex loves to suck the water out of the bristles on the paint brush I bought for him (so he could paint the deck with water).