I can’t believe summer is almost here.  5 more days of Matt working, and then we are off for our summer vacation.  We will be spending 2 weeks straight up at Matt’s family cottage in Burk’s Falls.  While we are there we are planning on:

  • RELAXING!! The first few days will be spent just vegging out and letting Alex explore. 
  • Introducing Alex to the water and the boat – should be lots of fun!
  • Going to Burk’s for Canada Day celebrations – now that should be interesting.  Burks is… shall I say… a little on the red neck side of things.
  • Going up to North Bay to ride the beautiful carousels and miniature railway at North Bay’s Waterfront and explore the town.  Matt went to University up there so we are going to check out Nipissing and the trails behind the school.  If you are in the area please let me know!
  • READ! 

For the rest of July we will be:

  • attending the annual Brickman’s Picnic on July 11!  This is a picnic for those who have adopted from South Korea in Ontario
  • checking out the local water parks
  • going to Storybook Gardens in London
  • going to Wings of Paradise in Cambridge
  • enjoying lots of family time – Matt and I will be home the whole month of July with Alex!

In August…

  • I’m going back to work, only 6 weeks left at home which makes me very sad
  • Matt and Alex will have the month together
  • we hope to go to Matt’s grandmother’s cottage in Bayfield for a few days

What are your plans this summer?

6 responses

  1. Sounds like a great summer plan. That’s wonderful that Matt will be home when you go back to work – I imagine that will help ease the transition for all of you.

  2. sounds fun! the ONLY thing i have planned is to get our hineys (sp?) back to London … until then we’re waiting it out at the beach … not bad, i know, but i’m ready!

  3. That sounds fantastic!!! You are both so lucky to have this time together. Wonderful!!! I hope you take lots of pictures.

    For us, next thursday Little Man and I head to the US for 3 weeks to visit my family- they live on the coast so lots of beach time (my parents are ready to spoil him rotten)

    In August we are going with Hans for 3 weeks to a small coastal town in France. We rented a little house 5 min. from the beach!

    Have a great time!!

  4. You should hit Waterloo Park! We went on Friday and so much fun. They have a bunch of animals, lots of play equipment and a splash pad! So fun for ones our kids age. And it is FREE!

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