Week’s Progress

Despite the appliance problems this week (we had more that I won’t bore you with), Alex is learning new skills.  This week he has started:

  • going from a seated position to standing without the assistance of a wall or someones help
  • “power walking” – not quite running, but walking very quickly until he gets into a speed wobble and falls down
  • making boo sounds towards books
  • taking milk at night through a sippy cup!
  • taking off the corner protectors from our coffee table
  • taking off the cubpard locks (I thought they were child proof!)

This boy has skill!  He also is getting covered in bumps and bruises – yesterday we had a bloody lip.  I guess that is what little boys are all about!  Anyone have a spare bubble I can put him in 😉


6 responses

  1. I’m seriously going to buy stock in the double stick tape company… taking those protectors off is one of Spencer’s fave things to do! Every night I go around and re-apply the ones he’s “freed.” Grrr…
    (Not sure how smart he will be, but man is he strong!)

    Now Alex… let’s talk about all this growing up you are doing! Stop! 🙂 I can’t believe he figured out the cupboard locks!

  2. No need for a bubble… that’s what bubble wrap is for! Not only does it keep them from all of the bumps, bruises, bangs and other things that come from being a boy and learning to walk, but it also makes a fun “pop pop pop” sound whenever they do run into something.

  3. My gosh he’s turning into a real boy!!! A child!! Agh! Our little guy said ‘MINE’ last night and I almost fell apart 🙂

  4. Alex sounds very busy learning lots of new skills. In the photo he looks ready to go out the door to do some exploring and learn more new things. So cute!

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