A Good Day

Yesterday was an all round good day. 

Firstly Alex slept until 7:45am – yeah!! 3 days in a row!  This morning I wasn’t so lucky – he was up at 7, but 7 is fabulous too.  We played a bit outside before it started to rain, I registered for some upcoming programs at the Early Years Centre, and after lunch Alex went down for a nap.  I had to wake him early so we could make Alex’s hair appointment!  He had his second cut  – it was really needed too.  Alex has a tendency to take his messy hands from breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper, and rub them through his hair.  Now at least he doesn’t have as much hair to collect the food.   He looks so cute now – but the pictures didn’t really turn out – here are 2 – excuse my frumpiness. 





The pictures really don’t do his cut justice – he looks very cute!  He doesn’t cry or anything during the cut- just watches the ladies work – and eat Goldfish 🙂

Then last night Matt surprised me by getting his parents to watch Alex so we could go out for dinner!  We try to set aside Thursdays as “date night”.  Usually we just prepare a nice meal and share a bottle of wine – but last night we went to the Keg in Waterloo. It was a really nice treat – I had some amazing filet mignon… it just melted in my mouth (sorry vegetarians!).  It was our first time there – and it was worth every penny! 

Today’s been pretty good too.  Alex and I went Father’s Day shopping and got all the goods we needed.  We also did a little shoe shopping!  At Payless Shoes they have a bogo sale on – so Alex got sandles, I got a pair of sneakers and a pair of cute flats!  Love a sale!

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  1. I love Alex’s new haircut!!! He looks so cute! Mmmm, the Keg sounds yummy!!! 7 am wakeup….hmm…what’s that like? LOL!!!! Enjoy it!!!

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