What a Day!

Today started out wonderful – Alex slept until 7:45!! He had a little cry around 6:15, but within a few minutes he was sound asleep – sorry – I know some of those reading are having sleep issues with their little ones – I’m sure my day will come!

Last night we installed some new appliances from my Brother in Law (they moved and didn’t want the ones in the house – even though they are literally less than a year old) – and since the dishwasher had never been used we ran 2 empty cycles last night to ensure everything looked and worked fine.  At the time it did…

However when we woke up this morning we noticed a little water around the bottom of the cupboard beside the dishwasher…

When Matt went downstairs to see how much water had actually leaked we discovered the drop ceiling was almost bursting in spots!  So, lots of water had dripped.  Turns out the flex hose for the water in-take was never tightened, and it dripped A L L night long.

So luckily Matt’s parents are retired and they came over to give us a hand – Matt had to work, and I had Alex, so we were not much use.  They brought over a shop vac – and I vacuumed up the water in the basement – but didn’t realize I had to remove the dry bag inside… oops! 

So the only real damage is the drop ceiling – 8-9 tiles need to be replaced.  We were pretty lucky – the drip came down right beside our fuze ball game, also none of the signed Montreal Canadiens pictures that I’ve collected for Matt were damaged (phew!).

Let’s hope tomorrow brings no surprises!