Look Again

Yesterday I finished Look Again by Lisa Scottoline.  I really enjoy Scottoline’s legal thrillers – but this was a thriller of another kind.  It actually dealt with adoption – before I started it, I had no idea – I just saw that she had a new book out and reserved it at the Library.  Anyhow, it is about any mother’s worse nightmare – the birthparents are searching for their long lost child – which you adopted.  This however isn’t an issue of open adoption – the little boy was kidnapped and then when he became ill, he was put up for adoption – by the kidnappers – bizarrestory I know – but the twists and turns keep this a real page turner.  It is a emotional roller coaster to say the least – it will grab you from the beginning!

The one thing that I did not like is that the book is set up like a James Patterson novel with VERY short chapters – which will make this an easy read for those who are not big readers :), but for me it just seemed like I was turning the page every 20 seconds.  A very easy beach read – without the fluff.

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