Going Backwards

I am trying to catch up on a few things so the last couple of posts are going backwards! 

Friday I took Alex once again to Baby Picasso at the Early Years Centre.  If you live in Ontario and have access to a local Early Years Center – take advantage of their services and wonderful programs!!  On Friday they made goo… or slime – or something messy! What they did was put in a pie plate an equal mixture of corn starch and water.  The children then used a wooden spoon (or their hands) to “mix it” – or mommy did it 😉  The mixture then took a bit of a harder consistancy – but when picked up it would just drip from your hands.  If it is too runny – just add more cornstarch – or vice versa.  It also isn’t harmful for the kids to eat (so long as they have tried corn before).  Just lay out a dollar store table cloth outside, stip your little one down to their diaper and go wild!!  I know we will be doing this one again. 

Alex mixing the goo

Alex mixing the goo

Dripping the Goo

Dripping the Goo

Do you think he had fun?

Do you think he had fun?

4 responses

  1. That’s so much fun!! I’m stealing that idea! 🙂

    Along with the toilet paper one I think…

    Now if only it would get nice here so we could go outside and do all these things!

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