13 Months!

Today our little Alex turns 13 months old – tomorrow he will have been with us 4 months already!  I can’t believe it – I also can’t believe I only have 2 more months of my parental leave left.  But I must admit I”m really looking forward to July – Matt, Alex and I will have the whole month together!

So I thought I’d give an update on what is happening with our little man:

Alex still eats pretty much everything and anything.  I’ve given him nuts, egg, fish, strawberries – all the stuff that might cause allergies and no reactions so far – which is a real relief.  He gets cereal every morning and every night and 2 other full meals and 2 snacks through the day.  He has been off formula for a few months now – and drinks only homo milk, water, or a tiny bit of whole juice mixed with water.   As they said in our referral package – he loves to eat!

Since Alex turned 1, I decided he didn’t need his bottle any more.  Easier said than done!  In the morning he has a bottle of milk, through the rest of the day he has water in a cup, and then a bottle before bed.  I’ve been giving him his bottle earlier and earlier so that he isn’t drinking milk after we brush his teeth – and that has gone fine.  He is so tired at the end of the day that he just pretty much goes to sleep.  I did buy him “big boy” sippy cups for his milk – I gave it to him all proud – but he hated it!  He cried, threw the cups, it was not good.  I think it was the valve in it that makes him need to really suck – and he then wasn’t getting as much milk.  So since the whole concept is to get him off sucking – I have removed the valve and now give him water in his new big boy cups on occasion.  He doesn’t mind it so much – but it isn’t his fav cup.  Today however I gave him a little milk in a cup with his lunch and that went over well.  Let’s see how dinner goes.

Within this past week Alex has gone down to one nap a day (perhaps a few minutes in the car here and there).  He sleeps from 11:30 – 1:30/2 – so not bad.  His bedtime is from 7:30 – 7am (give or take 30 min) with usually no wake ups.  Yeah! 

Until this past week Alex has LOVED bath time – it was hard to get him out!  But now he doesn’t enjoy it so much.  He has always hated water in his face – but this is different – he stands the whole time and tries to get out of the tub.  We’ve tried removing the baby tub and give him the reign of the whole tub – but that doesn’t help.  So hopefully this is a phase that will be over very soon.

Alex walks everywhere!  He loves it and is so proud of himself.  I’m proud of him too.  But as you all know, walking leads to a whole new type of child proofing.  Tonight we are off to the hardware store to get cupboard locks…

Alex says:
dada, mama, baba, ball and is playing with all sorts of sounds.   I think he also says yeah.  Matt has taught him to make funny noises by moving your fingers over your mouth as you speak – he loves to do that too!

Alex and Mason
Alex and Mason get along.  They don’t play too much – Alex sometimes throws toys for Mason to retrieve – but he can only throw about a foot so Mason gets bored easily.  Alex loves to grab Mason’s tail – but Mason just runs away.  Mason generally can be found sleeping in a room Alex is not in – unless Alex is eating – then he is Alex’s best friend!

Other cute things
Alex loves to open and close doors, he loves to pull out all of his clothes from his drawers, he’s growing like a weed – I have a box of stuff that no longer fits!  He is mainly in a 18 month clothing size now.  He loves the swings and the slide at our local park.  His favourite toy is a stuffed husky dog that Matt’s school gave him – it is VERY soft and he loves to cuddle with it.

We just LOVE this little face!

On the swings

Going Backwards

I am trying to catch up on a few things so the last couple of posts are going backwards! 

Friday I took Alex once again to Baby Picasso at the Early Years Centre.  If you live in Ontario and have access to a local Early Years Center – take advantage of their services and wonderful programs!!  On Friday they made goo… or slime – or something messy! What they did was put in a pie plate an equal mixture of corn starch and water.  The children then used a wooden spoon (or their hands) to “mix it” – or mommy did it 😉  The mixture then took a bit of a harder consistancy – but when picked up it would just drip from your hands.  If it is too runny – just add more cornstarch – or vice versa.  It also isn’t harmful for the kids to eat (so long as they have tried corn before).  Just lay out a dollar store table cloth outside, stip your little one down to their diaper and go wild!!  I know we will be doing this one again. 

Alex mixing the goo

Alex mixing the goo

Dripping the Goo

Dripping the Goo

Do you think he had fun?

Do you think he had fun?