Great Deals this Weekend!

I love garage sales!  They are my new favourite weekend past time.  The last 2 Saturday mornings, my friend Cathy and I have gotten up and gone scouting for deals.  The first weekend – not really any good finds – just a VHS copy of The Great Outdoors.  This weekend however – great deals!  We went to a whole community sale just outside of Stratford – really the social highlight of that village.  I was able to find a Mega Blocks wagon full of blocks for $3, a Mega Blocks Safari Bus full of blocks for $3, copies of Dr. Seuss books for $.50 each, a Popcorn Walker (you know those annoying push popping toys?) for $.50, a set of new Robeeze shoes for $5, and a free riding toy!! Everything was in amazing condition (except for the free riding toy – but I can clean it up).  Not bad for under $20!!  And we had tonnes of fun – can’t wait to see where we are off to this coming weekend!

Ahhh… love a great deal – and Alex loves it too!

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  1. Were you in Shakespeare?? I took the kids on Saturday to their community garage sale day and walked around for almost 2 hours!

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