Great Deals this Weekend!

I love garage sales!  They are my new favourite weekend past time.  The last 2 Saturday mornings, my friend Cathy and I have gotten up and gone scouting for deals.  The first weekend – not really any good finds – just a VHS copy of The Great Outdoors.  This weekend however – great deals!  We went to a whole community sale just outside of Stratford – really the social highlight of that village.  I was able to find a Mega Blocks wagon full of blocks for $3, a Mega Blocks Safari Bus full of blocks for $3, copies of Dr. Seuss books for $.50 each, a Popcorn Walker (you know those annoying push popping toys?) for $.50, a set of new Robeeze shoes for $5, and a free riding toy!! Everything was in amazing condition (except for the free riding toy – but I can clean it up).  Not bad for under $20!!  And we had tonnes of fun – can’t wait to see where we are off to this coming weekend!

Ahhh… love a great deal – and Alex loves it too!

Changes to Adoption Laws in Ontario

As of today in Ontario, adoptees and birth parents have the right to learn their family history.

A new law has been passed where adopted adults will be able to apply for copies of adoption orders and birth registrations and at the same time, birth parents will be able to apply for information from these documents.  This applies to adoptions in Ontario dating back to 1921 – over 250,000 cases.  Not everyone agrees with this new law however.  There actually was a lady from Stratford, (the small city where I live), that has fought to have a veto in place – this veto allows for the birth parents or the adopted adult to block anyone to request their information unless both parties agree.   So far only 2,500 people requested a veto.

For us this won’t be so much an issue – Alex will obviously know that he was adopted, not only by the way he looks, but by the fact that we agreed to be open about his adoption.  In the past as most people know, adoption was a hush hush thing , with very few being open in the sense that we now know it.  I think it will be interesting to see how much the new legislation is actually used.