Where did he go?

Ok – not sure what happened to Alex – but he is gone.  My little happy boy has disappeared!  He has been replaced by a cranky non napping little boy – and I want my other boy back!

For the last 2 weeks Alex has been sleeping though the night – which is wonderful!  7:30 – 7am – no wake ups for diaper changes at all.  SLEEP!!! But since then, the nap situation has gone to H E double hockey sticks.  He is tired in the morning, and wants to nap – for 60 – 90 minutes, but then when it comes to afternoon nap time – which I know he obviously needs by the whining, eye rubbing etc.,  he won’t do it.  I do the routine of stories and naptime prep – but he lays down and plays with his animals – maybe 20 min is devoted to naps.  Today zero minutes.  We know he is teething – drool constantly – and I thought he had a cold yesterday – but I think the running nose was a side effect of the teething (molars are taking their sweet time…).  But he wants up – down, cries one minute – laughing the next – it is so different than our happy little man.  Is he ready to go down to one nap a day?  If so, I hope it is in the early afternoon – 2 naps a day does limit what you can do and where you can go.  Anyhow – this kinda explains my lack of blogging – he is wearing me out! 😉   I also picked a bad time to try to introduce milk in the sippy cup – that’s for another day.  I need to go relax with a glass of wine…

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  1. I hate to tell you, but this sounds very familiar. Just when you think you’ve found a groove, they throw you a curve ball. Especially with sleep!
    My unsolicited advice: keep up with the two naps as long as you think he needs it. Don’t give up too soon! If he’s tired, he NEEDS it regardless of what he does in the crib. What we did was start viewing one of the two naps as “rest time” instead of sleep time. It helped our mental state when we’d hear the party in her room through the monitor. And I think it’s valuable for ALL family members to have some alone time. Who knows – maybe he’ll start sleeping again sometime. Stay the course!!!

  2. I was just going to say the same as Elizabeth in that there’s always a curve ball. Funnily enough, Daniel is not sleeping through the night, as we was for about a month or so. It’s very frustrating. We’ve also had great difficulty putting him to sleep recently, and pushed bedtime back to just after 9 p.m. last night, which seemed to work (but I hate!) He is also only taking one nap a day, but that is usual for him. Overall, I’d say that your situation still sounds better than mine!! He’s also been pretty needy lately, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve gotten some unsolicited hugs and kisses out of the deal 🙂

  3. Welcome to my world!

    This is exactly what has been going on for weeks now. The 11-12 hour nights are consistent but the naps are a toss up. Colin definitely takes the first nap (which is now an hour later than before) but fights so hard on the second in the afternoon.

    And yes, I have no time to breathe it seems lately either. I can totally feel your pain. Let me know if you come up with a solution as we are still all over the map with naps. In the meantime, I continue to open bottles of wine at night.

  4. That’s awesome to hear that Alex is sleeping through the night so well. In terms of nap-time, it sounds like with that much sleep at night, he is ready for just one nap during the day. Eventually, that will turn into a definite afternoon nap, but right now you may notice that he is totally ready for a nap around 11:00-12:00. I would not push the nap until he starts showing signs that he is really tired. In fact, try to keep him stimulated and prevent him from falling asleep too early (if that’s ever a problem). I was having issues like that with Adam, who sleeps a very similar time to Alex. I have resigned myself to one nap a day, and it usually doesn’t come until after 11:00, sometimes even 1:00, and that’s the best. He sleeps about 1-1.5, sometimes 2 hours and it lasts him until bedtime, when we have no problem putting him down. Good luck! I know that after babies turn 1, it is a definite transition time for them.

  5. Ah…he might be going into transitioning from 2 naps to 1! Minh did this around 16 months old- now it’s just one 2 hour nap.
    Hang in there- transitions can be tough!

  6. OK – I’m still jealous!! But I so get your pain… naps are a rarity around here (as is sleep in general) and that “alone time” is a necessity for mama as well! I don’t really have any advice (sorry!) but I’d be interested in hearing how it works out for you!

    (I will say though, that I think if you can keep the two naps and make one “rest time” like Elizabeth mentions… that would be great. The last thing you want is an overtired boy at bedtime who won’t go down…)

  7. If you leave him in the crib during the afternoon nap, does he start crying? If he’s not crying, I would leave him in there for an hour. Like Elizabeth said, at least it’s “rest” time. And then I would slowly start bumping up the morning nap every day by 15 minutes, and then he’ll eventually be at one nap. Good luck!

  8. I agree with Elizabeth. If you think he still needs 2 naps, then I would keep doing them. Quiet time in the crib won’t hurt him at all and will give you some much needed alone time. Lucas also seems to get thrown off right after he gets his immunizations(the chicken pox vaccine was the worst!) and when he is having a rough time teething. It just takes a couple of days until he gets back on track. Of course, if you think that he is ready to transition to one nap, then go for it. You know your little guy best so just follow your instincts. Enjoy that glass of wine!

  9. My two did the same thing so I started slowly back their morning nap to a later time by feeding them lunch earlier than usual. They would go down around 10 but then started fighting it so I would keep them busy till 11, give them lunch and they would go right down. Now they have lunch around 11:30 or so and are in bed by noon. That way too you can do something in the morning and in the afternoon still when he gets up. And you will always think you have things figured out and he will change it up on you!

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