Food and Your Toddler

I’ve been a little unsure about how much of everything I need to feed Alex.  How many servings of meat, veggies, how much milk etc.  I’ve really just been trying to ensure he gets all four food groups at all meals and that he gets enough milk.   However I just received an update on Nutrients and Toddlers from that I thought was pretty good.  It breaks down how much Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, D, and C is needed, and how much of each you will find in various foods.  Anyhow – I thought I would share in case you other new mothers are wondering too.  There is also a short age by age breakdown here.  If you have a good source on toddler nutrition please share too!

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  1. I remember being worried about the same thing and asking our family doctor how to ensure Alex was getting a balanced meal. I think our doc is pretty laid back… she told me not to fret over any specific meals and more to look at the big picture. In any given day… was he getting protein? dairy? fruits? veggies of different colours? grains? She even told me not to stress too much about getting balanced meals every day – as that was sometimes hard, especially as they get older and to focus more on finding balance over a few days .

    I swear some days Alex seems to subsist on dust, air and giggles, and other days he inhales anything I put in front of him.

  2. This has been on our minds recently as well. Thanks for the link. With Colin rounding his first birthday, we have no clue except that we are to add milk and phase out the formula. Although lately, he doesn’t want formula period. Thanks again!

  3. We are struggling with food, too. Minh ate everything we gave him up until about 2 months ago, now it’s a very slim list of what he will be okay with. He is not interested in anything red, green or orange. We are vegetarians and we don’t give him cow milk so it’s been extra stressful. However, we do put vegetables out for him to ‘get to know’ haha at every meal. I always offer veggies and fruit for snacks and he’s starting to try more. The other thing he *loves* is fresh juice! We have a juicer and I hide a few leafs of spinach, carrots, etc with apples-berries. He drinks it up!
    Our doctor said not to fret- kids go through it and (apparently) come around. I hope so!!

  4. Cool link! We’re just now exploring baby food (Spencer came home on formula only) and since he’s still getting all of his nutrition from the formula it’s really about trying new things, not nutrition. A book I love that I came across while looking for baby food recipes is Amanda Grant’s “Baby and Toddler Healthy Eating Planner” – it’s been an awesome resource!

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