Silly Little Man

Here’s an assortment of pictures and video from the last couple of days – Enjoy!
Feeding Mason

Feeding Mason

So Strong!

So Strong!

Here’s a video of our man being silly in the highchair at lunch today.  Please disregard the mess on the tray 😉 and the video quality – I was using our digital camera rather than our video camera.  And ignore the crazy lady doing the commentary… how embarrassing…

7 responses

  1. Alex is just so cute!!! Lucas loves to squish his food between his fingers too and of course, always loves to feed Sam! Unfortunately, the vet said Sam has to go on a diet now. LOL Hopefully Mason will not have to do the same.

  2. Things I love about this video:
    1. Darling little Alex.
    2. Your delicious Canadian accent.
    3. “Livin’ on a Prayer” playing in the background. Bon Jovi rules! 🙂

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